Desperate Housewives Recap: Jackson's Proposal to Susan

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On Wisteria Lane, bargaining begins at sunrise, and everyone in the neighborhood gets into the act — even the youngest of residents.

Bree Bree met with a divorce lawyer who told her that Orson will get half of everything she’s worth. She decided she needed a different lawyer, one who could help her protect her assets. While the Housewives were playing cards, Susan reminded Bree that Karl is a divorce lawyer and a shark. So Bree went to see Karl about her divorce, but he wanted something from her first — a favor. MJ was having a sleepover party, and he wanted Bree to get his son Evan an invite. Bree buttered up MJ with homemade macaroons, and asked him to invite Evan to the party. “He’s a bully,” he replied. “He hit me with a dead squirrel!” MJ finally relented after Bree told him that she has someone who hits her with a dead squirrel every day. Since Bree held up her end of the bargain, Karl agreed to help her. He told her she’d need to be manipulative and scheming. She replied that she would do whatever needs to be done. And that’s how the perfect lawyer-client relationship began. Lynette While Bree and Orson’s relationship was about to end, Tom and Lynette were trying to revive theirs. They made a pact to have sex every night for a month in the hopes of keeping their romance alive. But late hours at the office has Lynette much more interested in sleep than sex. After a bout of late-night office sex, Lynette fell asleep on Tom the next night while the two were about to go round 2. An angry Tom confronted Lynette the next morning, saying, “All you had to do was lie there, like you usually do.” To make it up to him, Lynette came home wide awake the next day having drank three espressos. This led Tom to make an admission: that he needed something other than Lynette to be passionate about in life.

Gaby Gaby’s got a call from the principal at her daughter’s school about how much makeup she was wearing. That’s how Gaby found out that the day before some girls from school beat her daughter up and told her that she must be adopted because she wasn’t pretty enough to be Gaby’s daughter. To teach their daughter that beauty is only skin deep, Carlos suggested that Gaby not wear makeup to a dinner gala that the whole family was going to. Gaby agreed reluctantly. At the gala, an extremely embarrassed Gaby wore sunglasses and kept assuring everyone she wasn’t ill. When the mayor wanted to take a picture with Gaby and Carlos, she quickly ran to the bathroom and ended up stealing a woman’s makeup to doll herself up. At the end of the night Gaby apologized to her daughter for disappointing her and told her, “You can wear makeup the day you realize you don’t really need it.”

Susan On the way to take Ms McCluskey to the doctor, Susan ran into her ex Jackson. He asked to have dinner with her the next night, where he asked her to marry him. Before he could finish the sentence, Susan ran upstairs and locked herself in the bathroom. She cried and went on and on about how lonely she was, and how she still loved him and needed to hear that he still loved her. Unfortunately for Susan, Jackson needed to get hitched so he doesn’t get deported back to Canada. She chased him out of the house with a toilet plunger. The next day, Jackson went to Susan’s house with flowers and apologized. In true Susan fashion, she told him that she would help him. “No sex?” he joked. “You want to think this is a real marriage, don’t you?” she quipped. Since she and Jackson were busy planning the wedding, she had to cancel a boating trip she and MJ had scheduled with Dave.

Katherine Over at Mike and Katherine’s, MJ asked Mike at the breakfast table if he was ever going to marry Katherine, causing Mike to nearly spit out his oatmeal. Mike got flustered, and looked to Katherine for help, and she gave him none. Turns out Katherine had put the kid up to it in exchange for ice cream for breakfast. Later, Katherine mentioned the incident to Mike, which prompted him to tell her that moving in together was one of the best decisions he’d ever made. But having been married before, he just didn’t see it happening again. He knew it wasn’t what Katherine wanted to hear, but that for what it was worth, he said he loved her. –Liz Berman

Tell us: How do you think the Tom and Lynette storyline will play out? Are you glad Jackson is back in the picture? Are Katherine and Mike doomed?


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