Desperate Housewives Recap: Edie's Shocking Farewell

Life is full of nasty shocks. This first of a two-part episode gave us a glimpse of the old Gaby and Carlos, the depth of Orson’s spite and the much-buzzed about and shocking exit of Edie.

Susan Susan’s first ex, Carl, came back to town and bumped into her while enrolling his son Evan in her school. “What are you doing here?” he asked. She said, “I’m a teacher here.” “Do they know that?” he quipped. Later, Carl was called to see the school psychiatrist because Evan was drawing pictures of killing each other with swords. Carl couldn’t believe Susan “ratted Evan out” and they started to fight again. When Evan drew another angry picture Susan asked Carl over to her house to discuss it this time. She learned that Carl’s new wife left him and their son. Carl thought Susan would gloat over the news, because it is exactly what he did to her so many years ago, but he was wrong. A compassionate Susan said, “I used to hope that one day you knew what this felt like, and now that you do, I am so sorry.” Bree Bree and Orson had a breakthrough in therapy, with Orson finally admitting he steals to hurt her. Orson told he didn’t like being Mr. Bree Van de Camp, and the only thing that was going to make him feel better was if she sold her company and devoted more time to him. Bree was set to sell it for the sake of her marriage, until Andrew asked why if Orson loved her would he want her to stop doing what makes her happy? Bree decided to wait a year to sell and write a second book — a decision that made Orson vow to start stealing again.

Gabrielle & Lynette Turns out Lucy is a slave driver who has been making Carlos and Lynette work nights and weekends. And it was quickly ruining Gaby and Carlos’s sex life. Gaby attempted to seduce Carlos with sexy lingerie. He played along and tied her up–but only so he could get some sleep! The next morning Gaby packed up the girls and brought them to the office to confront Carlos. She said, “We have made these mistakes before … – let’s not make them again.” The girls, who were being watched by Lynette, were bored so out of spite she let them play with Lucy’s prized glass figurines. Lucy caught them and yelled at the cleaning lady assuming that they were her children. Carlos witnessed the commotion and fired Lucy. Gaby and Lynette were thrilled.

Edie As DH fans suspected all along, Dave was planning to murder Katherine on their camping trip to get back at Mike for killing his wife and daughter. He would bring Mike and Katherine to a remote wooded area. The next morning he would pretend to be sleeping and then follow them into the woods with a shotgun and shoot Katherine.

Back home, the man from the newspaper faxed the article about the car crash to Edie, but she didn’t get it right away because her fax machine was out of paper. Later on, she refilled the paper tray and saw the fax about Mike and the accident. She texted Dave and his phone chimed the second he pulled the trigger. His missed his mark and had to run back to the cabin so Mike and Katherine wouldn’t know it was him. Edie’s message said, “I know everything, come home now.”

When Dave returned home, Edie was on the stairs drinking wine. She asked, “Why did you marry me? Just to be close to him? What are you going to do now? Hurt him?” Dave admitted everything. Edie picked up the phone and was about to call Mike. Dave grabbed Edie by the neck and choked her until she fell to the floor. But she managed to get away.

Edie was driving and crying and didn’t see Orson, who was running in the street after another klepto episode. She swerved and crashed her car into a telephone pole. She got banged up but survived yet again… until she stepped out of the car and into a puddle. After escaping death at Dave’s hands and surviving a car accident, Edie got electrocuted. –Liz Berman

Tell us: What did you think of how Edie met her end?

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