Desperate Housewives Recap: Doing the Right Thing

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In this week’s Desperate Housewives, doing the right thing can have good outcomes and bad ones as Bree attempted to patch things up with Lynette and Tom; Susan and Katherine made peace (for now) over sharing Mike; and Gaby gave Carlos’ boss an ultimatum about his adulterous affair, which led to a stabbing in the back.

Bree At Tom and Lynette’s restaurant going-out-of-business sale, Bree caught Orson stealing a salt shaker and reprimanded him. Later, Bree invited her publisher Bruce over for dinner as a pretense to try and get Tom a marketing job with his company, where Orson’s sticky fingers got him trouble again. Orson pocketed Bruce’s tape recorder (the one he uses to remember ideas) and got a pat-down and a verbal lashing from Bree. She reprimanded Orson after the guests left, but to no avail: Orson next lifted one of Bree’s earrings off her jewelry stand. Susan All of the Housewives were invited to Katherine and Mike’s housewarming party. Pre-party, Susan ruffled Katherine’s feathers when she came over to return a bowl for the party and told her that she was the one who painted the beach scene that is hanging over the mantle. At the party the painting is gone. Susan being Susan went into the basement to look for it because she didn’t believe Katherine’s story about the frame breaking. Sure enough the painting was there. Mike and Katherine got into a fight about her lying to Susan. After the party, Mike made Katherine go over to apologize. She tried to explain why she was so upset: “I knew I wasn’t getting a clean slate, I just wanted a clean mantel piece.” Susan came over the next day and took the painting back, which confused Mike, but the look on Katherine’s face said it all.

Lynette Lynette and Tom’s going-out-of-business sale didn’t bring in nearly as much money as they were hoping to get. They did, however, get enough to pay Bree back. Lynette went over to Bree’s house to give her a check and to apologize for having to bother the money in the first place. Bree apologizes too, and they tried move on. Bree’s peace offering: A dinner get-together with her publisher Bruce, who was looking to hire someone to do in-house advertising. The dinner turned into a fiasco when Tom and Lynette competed against each other for the job. After their dinner fiasco at Bree’s Lynette and Tom apologized to each other, and she came to a realization: She wanted to go back to work, and luckily Tom was all for it.

Gabrielle Gaby and Carlos continue covering up the affair that Carlos’s boss Brad is having by keeping his wife Maria extra busy so Brad has time to go see his mall-hairdresser girlfriend Shayla. Gaby goes to the mall to confront Shayla who almost chops off her hair when Gaby tells her that Brad is not going to leave his wife. “This is why no one should get their hair cut in a mall!” screamed Gaby as she ran out. When she got home, Brad was waiting on the porch for her. She gave him an ultimatum: if he didn’t tell Maria about the affair, she would. The confession didn’t go over well: Maria stabbed Brad in the back with a knife after he’d confessed the affair, then called Gaby and Carlos to the scene of the crime.

Edie Edie and David ran into a priest who recognizes him when they went to buy liquor for Katherine’s party. Dave sent Edie to look for a bottle of wine while he told the priest to pretend that he doesn’t know him. Later, Edie went to track down the priest at his congregation. He said that he couldn’t tell her anything, but he let slip that Dave has a different last name — Dash. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing–at least when it comes to Dave’s past. –Liz Berman

Tell us: Did Gaby do the right thing making Brad tell his wife about the affair? Do you think that is the end of Susan and Katherine’s confrontations over Mike?

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