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Some masks are worn once a year on Halloween. There are ones wear to hide their insecurities. Then there are others used to veil hidden agendas. Well, the masks came off Sunday on Wisteria Lane.

Bree Karl arrived at Bree’s house just after sundown to discuss how she was going to hide her assets from Orson. He suggested a secret bank account and a second set of books. She agreed to everything… until he suggested robbing her own house. She didn’t want some thug to stage a break-in, but once he painted a picture of Orson with half of her assets that sealed the deal. During Susan’s engagement party, Bree and Karl staged the robbery. While Bree was neatly tipping items over, Karl told her she had to make it look believable as he knocked things to the floor. “You want to be a Neanderthal, fine! I prefer to act with class and dignity,” she said, “Now, can we please finish robbing my home?” When Orson and Bree got home from the party later that night to see the house had been “robbed,” Orson volunteered, “It wasn’t me. I swear.” Thinking maybe this was karma for all of the things he had stolen from other , Orson told Bree how much she meant to him. Bree got cold feet about divorcing Orson and went to talk to Karl, who reassured her she was doing the right thing. But Bree hadn’t planned on one little snag: Orson answered a phone call from a storage facility, the one housing all of Bree’s “missing items.” Gaby When Juanita demanded a canopy bed after overhearing her mom tell Bree that she and Carlos had money again, Gaby took her daughter to a soup kitchen to learn a lesson about gratitude. There, she ran into Fran Schulman, a woman she used to know from the tennis club. She wasn’t there to volunteer– she is there to eat. Later, Gaby found out Fran’s husband Mark had died, leaving her completely wiped out. So Gaby did a good deed and gave her money.

Susan To pull off their “wedding,” Jackson and Susan threw an engagement party. Jackson told her that she couldn’t tell anyone — not even the other Housewives — that the marriage was fake. At the engagement party, Mike told Susan he was happy that he doesn’t have to pay alimony anymore. Given that it was a marriage of convenience, Susan did actually need the alimony and vowed to talk to Mike about working something out. Later that night, Susan got a text from Mike saying that she would still get her alimony. Turns out it was Katherine who sent the message. But just when Susan and Jackson were about to go through with their marriage, immigration came and took him away.

Lynette Tom was depressed because his job interview didn’t go well — he had no idea what “twittering” was. (Five years into the future and folks are still using Twitter?) He said that he felt like a dinosaur, and that 50 guys showed up for the one job and he was a good 10 years older than all of the other applicants. At the engagement party Tom and Lynette ran into Tom’s old roommate, who looked really young thanks to plastic surgery. Tom thought plastic surgery could give him a leg up on job interviews, which led to a disagreement between the spouses. Lynette even went so far as to bring Bruce from payroll home to show Tom what a botched facelift looked like. In the end, what deterred Tom was Lynette telling him his face is like a map of their marriage and she didn’t want to lose it.

Katherine Katherine finally got her wish: Mike proposed. But she realized it was because Susan and Jackson announced their engagement. Later, when Katherine was on the phone with Dave, Susan dropped by to tell her about the fake marriage and how she still needed Mike to pay alimony. Little did she know Dave was on the phone and overheard everything. –Liz Berman

Tell us: Did you think Jackson would only be making a two-episode comeback? Will Mike and Susan reunite at the end of this season? What do you think Orson will do with his newfound info on Bree?

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