Desperate Housewives: John Slattery's Political Run


If John Slattery’s Victor on Desperate Housewives seems familiar, it’s because he’s donned the civil servant suit before. “They see you do that one thing and think, ‘That guy can play a politician!’” Slattery tells Entertainment Weekly. “It has nothing to do with me. I am not a leader of men.” That may be true, but he’s certainly played one–again and again–on TV. Let’s take a look at Slattery’s political record:

Desperate Housewives: Slattery’s mayoral hack, Victor Lang, has Gaby running straight into the arms of ex Carlos. •Sex and the City: As N.Y.C. politician Bill Kelley, Slattery put a politically erect kink in Carrie’s romantic plans. •From the Earth to the Moon: The HBO miniseries featured Slattery as Sen. Walter Mondale. •K Street: Slattery’s Tommy Flanegan was a political consultant on the short-lived HBO series about lobbyists.

But we do like him as the deliciously crooked Victor Lang on DH. But tell us: Do you think he’ll he survive Sunday’s two-part tornado episode? –Jane Boursaw


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