Desperate Housewives: It's a Twister (with a Twist)!

Photo: Ron Tom/ABC

Susan, Bree, Lynette and Gaby are about to face their fiercest rival yet–Mother Nature–when Wisteria Lane gets turned upside down by a tornado in an epic, two-part episode of Desperate Housewives this Sunday (9 p.m. ET).

“With the exception of the four women, I don’t know that anyone can ever take their job completely for granted,” show creator Marc Cherry told the Associated Press. “Good heavens, I killed off Mary Alice in the pilot, Mrs. Huber in episode seven of the first season. My attitude is, that’s life. People come and go.”

But audiences will have to wait to see who, if anyone, becomes a victim of the twister. How long? That’s another cliffhanger. The show wrapped the two-part episode just as the WGA began striking. And ABC and Cherry don’t want to air the second hour of the tornado drama until they film new episodes, which won’t happen until the strike ends. And that may require a perfect storm. –Aaron Parsley

Photo: Ron Tom/ABC

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