By People Staff
Updated October 22, 2007 12:00 AM

No worries that the addition of two more Wisteria Lane-ites would gum up the storylines; new gay couple Bob and Lee just added to the fun of what was one of the richest, most cleverly plotted episodes of DH in seasons!

What to love more . . . • Lee’s quip to a foot-in-mouth swallowing Susan that “I hope we live up to your stereotype” after her bumbling introduction to he and Bob? • Tom being, ahem, wigged out by Lynette’s lack of wig when they were getting frisky? • Susan trying to pass off store-bought cookies as homemade by sticking them in the oven (and getting busted by Lee when she couldn’t tell her allergic neighbor if the cookies contained nuts)? • Edie texting during her gyno exam and telling her doc, “I’m just here for my 5,000-mile checkup”? PS: “The bullet” she’d been dodging for years, as her doctor put it, finally blasted its way into her life. One word: crabs. • Carlos and Gaby, fretting that Victor will find out about their affair thanks to the pests they’re both infested with, watching Victor make an uncomfortable adjustment south of the border while giving a speech? • The yellow trail of paw prints that once again left Susan busted by Lee, this time as the dognapper of Raphael? • Edie’s connecting of the crabcake dots? • Or Lynette’s realization that she’d been neglecting Tom’s feelings by declaring, “I’m a cancer b—-!”

It’s tough to pick just one, right? And how delicious are the interactions between Susan and Lee going to be in the future? And how adorably clueless was Mike about the “Dolce” that was ruined as a result of Susan’s refusal to accept that Lee didn’t like her? And, how badly do you wanna read that note that dear–and now dead–Aunt Lillian left under her bed?? –Kimberly Potts