Derick Dillard Says Jazz Jennings 'Is Being Taken Advantage of' and That He Pities Her

Derick Dillard — whose previous comments on Jazz Jennings sparked controversy after he wrote that "transgender is a myth" — said that he believes Jennings is being taken advantage of

Derick Dillard — whose previous comments on Jazz Jennings sparked controversy after he wrote that “transgender is a myth”— revealed on Twitter that he believed Jennings is being taken advantage of.

On Thursday, after the father of two — who stars on TLC’s Counting On alongside his wife, 19 Kids and Counting alum Jill (Duggar) Dillard — wrote on Twitter that what America needs right now is unity, he replied to a Twitter user who suggested that Dillard sometimes came off as hateful. The Twitter user specifically referenced Dillard’s transphobic tweet from August where he called Jenning’s reality show I Am Jazz (which is also on TLC) “an oxymoron” for being a “reality show which follows a non-reality.” “‘Transgender’ is a myth. Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by God,” he added.

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“I pity Jazz 4 those who take advantage of him in order 2 promote their agenda, including the parents who allow these kinds of decisions 2 be made by a child. It’s sad that ppl would use a juvenile this way.” Dillard wrote on Thursday, continuing to refer to Jennings by male pronounces — which he came under fire for back in August. “Again, nothing about him, just unfortunate what’s on tv these days.”

“I think it’s important to have a mature discussion,” Dillard added. “I am just expressing my concerns, as a Christian. The beauty of the world is that everybody is not like me.”

Dillard then continued to address Jennings, as he claimed he “never bullied anyone, just said I didn’t agree with what is being propagated on tv. I’m expressing my view of what should be treated as reality; if I say I feel like I am Nepali, that doesn’t make me so.”

“Also, has anyone looked into whether a child is capable of making that kind of decision,” he said, seemingly referencing Jenning’s decision to transition. “We can’t vote til we’re 18; our brains aren’t fully developed til around 25.”

“Jazz is being taken advantage of, as part of a larger agenda. I really have nothing against the kid and wish him all the best in life. I just hate seeing him used this way,” he added.

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After Dillard’s transphobic tweet about Jennings in August, Dillard also wrote that “he had nothing against” Jennings. “I only have issue with the words and definitions being propagated here.”

In response to Dillard’s tweets at the time, Jennings wrote “Every day I experience cyber-bulling, but I keep sharing my story. Today was no different.”

At the time, TLC issued the following statement to PEOPLE regarding Dillard’s tweets: “Derick Dillard’s personal statement does not represent the views of TLC.”

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