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October 26, 2007 12:00 AM

CSI star Jorja Fox admits that her decision to leave the long-running primetime hit may be “insane,” but she tells PEOPLE that she’s fleeing the series to take a chance and “shake up the tree” a little.

“I think essentially, what I’m doing is insane,” Fox said at Wednesday night’s Frederick’s of Hollywood Fashion Show in Los Angeles. “I mean, I’ve probably lost my mind. I’m taking a little break, a personal break. I’ve been fortunate enough to be on TV for 11-and-a-half years consistently. I feel really amazing about that, and it’s more than I ever could’ve hoped for. I’m so grateful to everybody at CBS and on the show for allowing me to take a little break. My fans should stay tuned. There are some really cool stories coming up and it’s possible that this might be part of the story.”

Hmmm, is that a hint that Sara Sidle might go back for more crime scene investigating at some point? “I have some things personally and some things professionally,” Fox says of her plans for her new wealth of downtime. “I turned 39 this year . . . it’s that moment where I have to just step back for a second and take a look around. As I said too, I hope I’ll be back.”

As for her immediate future, Fox says her CSI castmates have been “very supportive,” and planned some sort of celebration to wish her well in her future endeavors.

“We’ve got a little something planned,” she laughs. “I don’t know if it’s a going away party, but we do have something on the books.” –Kimberly Potts, with reporting by Scott Huver

Photo: Carlos Diaz/INF

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