"She's going to hate me for this," Denise Richards joked on Tuesday's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


Denise Richards came up with a smart way to assure that her 15-year-old daughter Sami stayed honest about her comings and goings.

On Tuesday’s all new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the actress, 48, and her husband Aaron Phypers installed security cameras outside their homes — an idea Richards said she came up with to prevent Sami from going out to meet boys without her permission.

“Sami’s getting into high school and new school, new boys,” Richards explained to audiences. “That’s when kids usually start sneaking out. I started sneaking out when I was 15 years old, so I know my kid’s going to sneak out. So I’m putting cameras up so I can catch her. … We’ll be able to see people sneak out or sneak in.”

The move wasn’t something Sami was too happy about, according to Richards.

“She’s so mad about this,” Richards told Phypers — whom she met in 2017 and wed last September. “But whatever. At least we’re honest! I could have hid these.”

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This isn’t the first time Richards has spoken out about Sami’s dating on RHOBH this season.

In an earlier episode, she told her daughter that she “can’t date until you’re 16 years old.”

“You guys are so freakin’ strict, oh my god,” Sami said in response. Now I want a boyfriend because you told me I can’t have one!”

Sami then called her dad, Richards’ ex Charlie Sheen, for his advice. “If a guy asks me to go to the homecoming dance with him, am I allowed to say yes?” Sami asked.

“I’ll trust your judgment if you think he’s the right person to go with,” he said in response.

“Well whatever, I disagree,” said Richards, after their call ended — joking to audiences, “My mom and dad were strict with me. I couldn’t date until I was 16. So maybe I’m actually doing a disservice because I then went the opposite way!”

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Sami is one of two children Richards shares with Sheen. The former couple split in 2005 while Richards was six months pregnant with their second daughter Lola, now 13.

Richards is also mom to 7-year-old Eloise, whom she adopted as a single mom in 2011.

Though they’re no longer together, Richards and Sheen, 53, continue to peacefully co-parent their daughters. She even got his blessing before signing on to RHOBH.

“I did talk to him about it, because as an actor in this business I respect his opinion,” Richards told Palm Restaurant owner Bruce Bozzi on his SiriusXM Radio Andy show, Lunch with Bruce, last month. “I said, ‘What do you think?’ and he was like, ‘I think it could be really cool.’ “

“Even if he said, ‘I think this is the dumbest thing you ever did,’ I still would have done the show, but it was interesting to get his side of it,” she added. “I have a lot of respect for him as the father [of my kids] and also being in this business for as many years as he has.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.