Denise Richards Defends Lisa Rinna to Kim Richards on 'RHOBH' : 'Who Cares About Some Fuzzy Bunny?'

Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards sparred (again) at Kyle Richards' Halloween party

Before PuppyGate rocked The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, BunnyGate broke relationships in the ritzy zip code.

Tuesday’s episode gave viewers a brief respite from the ladies’ war with Lisa Vanderpump over a dog Dorit Kemsley adopted and then gave away, bringing some closure to the feud still simmering seasons later between Lisa Rinna and former Housewife Kim Richards.

For the uninitiated: During season 7, Rinna gave Richards a stuffed bunny as a present for her newborn grandson. But on the reunion, Richards returned the rabbit, explaining that she could not accept the Melrose Place actress’s peace offering because she’d made hurtful remarks about her sobriety. The stuffed animal now resides in Andy Cohen‘s Watch What Happens Live club house.

Two years later, the two came face-to-face at Kyle Richards‘ Halloween party, which doubled as daughter Farrah’s 30th birthday fête.

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Dressed up as costar Erika Girardi‘s diva alter-ego, Erika Jayne, Rinna flashed a middle finger at the ladies during a group photo.

“I feel like that’s intended for me,” Kim said to Kyle, with a laugh.

“You know what? I want to say one thing, Kim. You giving Lisa Rinna that bunny was really c—y,” Rinna called out, in character. “Giving Lisa Rinna that bunny was really c—y.”

Kim looked shocked. “She didn’t need to be crude and rude and disrespectful,” she said in a confessional interview.

“That’s Erika speaking,” Rinna said, back-tracking.

“Erika does not do that,” Kyle replied.

Added Kim: “I don’t recall Erika being quite like that.”

After walking away, Kim told Camille Grammer and Kemsley she thought the joke was “wrong.”

“When is somebody gonna grow up? And obviously it’s not her, running around in Erika Jayne’s ponytail,” Kim said.

But Denise Richards wouldn’t let the former child star insult her “best friend” — or her costume.

“I think she looks great,” Denise said. “Why is she talking about her costume? … That has nothing to do with her costume. Isn’t it a f—ing stuffed animal that we’re talking about? And you know what? It really hurt her feelings.”

“That is a lie,” Kim insisted.

“It’s not a f—ing lie, Kim,” Denise said. “It hurt her feelings. … Let it f—ing go. It wasn’t the best thing to say, no, but it’s not anything to annihilate her [over].”

Kyle stepped in to defend her sister. Still, Denise had the last word.

“They need to let it f—ing go,” she said. “Who cares about some fuzzy f—ing bunny?”

This group of women, apparently. Later, Kim approached Rinna for a one-on-one chat, and they finally buried the hatchet, beneath a spooky Halloween display.

“I’m not looking for a fight, Lisa. First of all, I think you look beautiful,” Kim began.

“I have definitely been over-the-top and in character tonight. I will say that,” Rinna acknowledged.

Kim apologized for giving back the bunny, and Rinna apologized for “whatever has happened between us.”

“Can we move on?” Rinna asked.

“Let’s just forgive each other, all right?” Kim answered. “Let’s see how long we can do this.”

With that, they hugged, declared the detente a miracle, and went right back to partying.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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