Melissa Reeves appeared to have liked a post that questioned where the donations made to Black Lives Matter actually go

By Robyn Merrett
June 25, 2020 04:35 PM
Melissa Reeves
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Days of Our Lives star Melissa Reeves is under fire for appearing to have liked posts that condemn the Black Lives Matter movement.

On Tuesday, a fan shared a series of screengrabs that seemingly show Reeves, 53, liking Instagram posts by Candace Owens — an ultra conservative political commentator and activist — who questioned what happens to the funds donated to the organization, which protests against police brutality and other injustices against Black people.

A rep for the NBC soap opera had no comment when reached by PEOPLE. Reeves has not yet addressed the post and did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

"According to its website Black Lives Matter, Inc is NOT a charity," Owens, 31, wrote in her post. "It is a full-fledged corporation that does NOT have any locations. Can anyone tell me then where the hundreds of millions BLM has raised goes? Can anyone tell me in what state BLM was incorporated & by who?"

"I wonder if we're moving past the point of reconciliation with the Left. Maybe we'd all be happier letting them pick a few states they can turn into their own country w/ no guns, no police, no statues, no genders, no flags, no men & no electricity. The United Freaks of America," Owens wrote in a separate post.

A screenshot tweeted by the account @mgmendacious purports to show @missyreeves, Reeves' Instagram handle, liking the post. The like has since been removed.

"I'm absolutely disgusted and sick right now and I am no longer in any denial about how @missyreeves4 feels. Take a look at a couple of disgusting and racist Instagram posts she liked," @mgmendacious wrote alongside the screengrabs on Twitter, tagging Reeves' fellow Days of Our Lives actors Lindsey Godfrey, Billy Flynn and Paul Telfer. The fan also tagged Days of Our Lives head writer Ron Carlivati and c0-executive producer Greg Meng.

One fan defended Reeves by writing, "We all have our own opinions and views! That's what makes the USA the land of the free and home of the brave!" Godfrey fired back: "Nah there is no difference in opinion on racism, homophobia, transphobia [and] xenophobia."

Godfrey, 31, appeared to criticize Reeves further after a different fan — who identifies as a 65-year-old trans woman — said that Reeves was "absolutely lovely & completely non judgemental."

"Yeah but even the nicest people can have awful views. Plenty of nice people have awful moral compasses. I can't associate w/ it because it makes me a hypocrite. I condemn all those hateful & harmful beliefs. Your life matters Mama Rhonda & I will fight for you & everyone else," Godfrey said back to the fan.

When another Twitter user suggested Godfrey wait for Reeves to explain herself, Godfrey said, "The post is insinuating they are corrupt."

"It's common hate rhetoric. IT also takes 2 secs of googling to see how incorrect that statement is in fact. Candace opposes the BLM movement so following her & liking posts... I implore you to read the article I posted," Godfrey added.


Days of Our Lives star Lamon Archery, who is Black, liked Godfrey's tweets and later posted a GIF of Michael B. Jordan taking notes in a film, writing, "Who else y'all?" alongside the post.

Martha Madison, who plays Belle Black on Days, also spoke out, tweeting, "It's so disappointing to watch folks I know either ignore or perpetuate the racism and hate we all see happening."

"Even more, I'll never understand using religion as a reason to only love selective groups of humans. It's anti-ethical to the whole belief system," she added. "It's gross."

Another fan pointed out Reeves' past support of Chick-fil-A, a fast-food chain that has supported alleged anti-LGBTQ+ organizations in the past. "She showed us who she was when she promoted Chick-fil-HATE after they double down on their anti-gay hate," the user tweeted. "As awful as this is, we shouldn't be surprised that the rot of bigotry spreads across her whole being."

Melissa Reeves on Days of Our Lives
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Back in 2015, Reeves tweeted: "Chick-fil-a today!!!! Loved every bite of it ;)!! Land of the free and home of the brave. Love that we all appreciate free speech, right?"

Chick-fil-A has since stopped donating funds to The Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The company announced in November 2019 that they'd begun working with Junior Achievement USA and Covenant House International on the issues of education and homelessness, and would donate $25,000 to a local food bank at every Chick-fil-A opening.

Reeves has played the role of Jennifer Horton on Days of Our Lives on and off since 1985.