The couple competed the challenge in February by eating squares of chocolate that contained the Black Reaper pepper

By Ashley Boucher
July 18, 2019 07:28 PM

Dax Shepard wished Kristen Bell a happy birthday with a throwback to one of the couple’s most trying moments — completing the Choco Challenge.

Shepard, 44, gave a birthday shoutout to his Veronica Mars actress wife, who turned 39 on Thursday, with a behind-the-scenes video from when the pair completed the Choco Challenge by eating a square of chocolate that contained the Black Reaper pepper, which is recognized as the hottest pepper on Earth.

The duo completed the challenge back in February of this year, as part of a fundraiser to support the fight against prostate cancer. Bell tweeted about the experience at the time, writing, “The absolute worst. Thank God we filmed it. @fuegobox #chocochallenge.”

The video shows Shepard and Bell suffering through the after-effects of eating the super-spicy chocolate, burping, groaning and guzzling almond milk as they streamed the experience on Instagram Live for their followers.

Dax Shepard/Instagram

“It’s very spicy,” Bell says in the video as she holds a tissue up to her nose. Shepard, sitting next to her, breathes heavily with a red face, looking very uncomfortable.

“Whoa,” Bell says, before letting out a big burp. “I’m gonna throw up,” Shepard says.

“A hundred times worse than I was expecting,” Bell adds in the clip.

Dax made light of the spicy affair in a sweet caption along with the video.

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“Happy Birthday Buddy!!! I’ve been with you on a third of your ride, and I hope I’m lucky enough to burp/throw-up/suffer/thrive with you for all the rest,” Shepard wrote. “Best Mom, best wife, best friend, longest story teller. You’re everything to me and more ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️.”

On Wednesday, Bell shared a little preview of her birthday by asking her daughters Delta, 4½, and Lincoln, 6, to guess how old she is turning this week. The kids hilariously guessed “63” and “89” respectively, while Shepard playfully added his own guess of “71.”

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The family has had a packed July.

Earlier this month, they had some fun in the Michigan sun on their annual vacation there, and Bell is expected to return to her Veronica Mars stomping grounds Friday morning to participate in the Hulu reboot’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con.