The veteran comic shared a story on the Howard Stern Show about a time when he accidentally smoked animal tranquilizer
Credit: Andrew Toth/FilmMagic

David Letterman is opening up about a certain moment from his younger years that he will never forget.

The veteran comic shared a story with Howard Stern on the Howard Stern Show on Wednesday about a time when he accidentally smoked an animal tranquilizer back in the day at a small party in California.

He said he was invited by “his dear friend George Miller” to join him at his apartment for a small gathering where marijuana was being shared.

“I’m new to California and I thought ‘I guess. I guess this is what you do,’ ” Letterman said.

“I’m the dope from Indiana,” the 70-year-old said about accepting the joint and taking two hits.

“You taste that?” asked one of the young women at the party. ” ‘What?’ ” Letterman said he replied.

“That mint, minty flavor,” she said. “And I said, ‘Oh, it’s minty flavored marijuana,’ ” Letterman recalled.

But it wasn’t marijuana — the woman proceeded to inform him that the taste was from a PCP, a form of animal tranquilizer.

At that point, Letterman said he “just got out of there” and thought “do you need that animal tranquilizer?”

Stern added that he remembered when he “would do this kind of thing” — although he said he hasn’t “for years.”

“We didn’t even have any regard for what someone might lace that thing with or spray all over it,” added Stern.

Fans can soon look forward to hearing more tales from the comedic giant, who has been making headlines with the news that he will be returning to the small screen.

His six-episode Netflix series will feature “in-depth conversations with extraordinary people and in-the-field segments expressing his curiosity and humor.” Each episode will be presented in a long-form interview with a single guest, breaking away from the fast paced format of late-night broadcast talk show interviews.

“I feel excited and lucky to be working on this project for Netflix,” Letterman said in a statement. “Here’s what I have learned: if you retire to spend more time with your family, check with your family first. Thanks for watching, drive safely.”

Letterman was the original host of NBC’s Late Night and CBS’ The Late Show. He is credited as the longest-running host in U.S. late night TV history, having spent 33 years and broadcasting 6,028 episodes.

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Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said of meeting the comic giant: “Just meeting David Letterman was a thrill.”

“Imagine how exciting it is for me to announce that we will be working together,” said Sarandos. “David Letterman is a true television icon, and I can’t wait to see him out in the wild, out from behind the desk and interviewing the people he finds most interesting. We’ll have to see if he keeps the beard.”

The new series will premiere sometime in 2018.