"Thank you. Just seriously, thank you for being my family," the host said as he signed off for the last time

Credit: John Paul Filo/CBS

In an uncharacteristically tender moment, David Letterman thanked his family as he signed off the Late Show for the last time after more than three decades behind the desk.

The episode featured plenty of celebrity guest stars, but Letterman, 68, only had eyes for his wife and son.

“I want to thank my family: my wife, Regina, and my son Harry,” he said. “Thank you. Just seriously, thank you for being my family.”

He added: “I love you both and really nothing else matters, does it?”

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The TV host also paid tribute to his longtime fans who’ve watched the show since Day 1. “I want to thank the folks at home,” he said. “You know, people come up to me all the time and say, ‘I have been watching you since that morning show!’

“And I always say, ‘Have you ever thought about a complete psychological work-up?’ ” he continued. “To the people who watch this show, there is nothing I can ever do to repay you. Thank you for everything, you’ve given me everything, and thank you again.”