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"I don't think I'll ever be back in this building," Letterman says of saying goodbye to the Ed Sullivan Theater

May 15, 2015 04:35 PM

Goodbyes are never easy – especially for David Letterman.

“I’m naked and afraid,” Letterman, 68, tells CBS Sunday Morning‘s Jane Pauley of stepping down as host of The Late Show after almost 23 years.

“It’s so cliché, but I’ll share it with you anyway: Any enormous uprooting change in my life has petrified me – really petrified me – but once I’ve come out the other side, the reward has been unimaginable,” he continues in a preview clip of the interview.

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Letterman says finding happiness after saying goodbye to the Late Show on May 20 will be “fairly easy to accomplish,” but “getting back into television, perhaps, will not be as easy to accomplish.”

One thing Letterman guarantees he won’t be doing is returning to the Ed Sullivan Theater, where he has hosted his show since 1993.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be back in this building. … I think it would just be too emotionally difficult for me,” says Letterman, whose seat will be filled by Stephen Colbert beginning Sept. 8. “I just don’t want to come back and see others living our lives.”

The full interview airs this week on CBS Sunday Morning.

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