David Cassidy's Will: $150K in Assets Left to Son Beau, Estranged Daughter Katie Left Out

The late Partridge Family star has left the majority of his estate to his only son, Beau

David Cassidy has left the majority of his estate to his only son, Beau.

In documents obtained by The Blast, the late Partridge Family star leaves his $150,000 assets to Beau, with his three half-siblings granted music memorabilia. His estranged daughter Katie is left out of the will — “It is my specific intent not to provide any benefits hereunder to Katherine Evelyn Cassidy,” he writes — but it’s important to note that the will was drafted in 2004, and Katie, 31, had an up-and-down relationship with her father.

Last month, the ’70s teen heartthrob died of organ failure at the age of 67. His death comes almost one year after he revealed to PEOPLE he’d been suffering from dementiain what would become one of his final long-form interviews.

Once news broke that Cassidy had been hospitalized, his family — including 26-year-old Beau, Katie, brothers Patrick and Shaun, and ex-wife Sue Shifrin — dropped everything to be by his side.

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“There had been many family issues because of his alcoholism, but they are all reuniting in support of him,” a source close to Cassidy previously told PEOPLE. “He was delighted to see them. When his brother Patrick walked into the room, David lit up like a Christmas tree. There’s been total resolution within the family. They will always be there for him.”

“No one made me laugh like David,” his brother Patrick told PEOPLE. “We spent our final days together just laughing. David told me, ‘You’re so damn handsome!’ and I replied, ‘I’m just taller.’ ”

And Beau didn’t leave his dad’s side.

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“I’m so grateful that I was able to hold and love the best friend I’ll ever have in his last moments,” he said.

Despite their strained relationship, Cassidy’s daughter Katie rushed to his side as well.

A few days after his death, the Arrow actress shared a heartbreaking tweet honoring the late star.

“Words cant express the solace our family’s received from all the love & support during this trying time,” she wrote. “My father’s last words were ‘So much wasted time.’ This will be a daily reminder for me to share my gratitude with those I love as to never waste another minute… Thank you.”

In February 2017, Cassidy exclusively revealed to PEOPLE that he was battling dementia.

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“I was in denial, but a part of me always knew this was coming,” said Cassidy, who watched his grandfather battle the disease and witnessed his mother “disappear” into dementia until she died at age 89.

During the interview, Cassidy closed the conversation similar to how he closed the last chapter of his life — with gratitude.

“I love that I’ve had an amazing life that has touched millions of people all over the world,” he said. “I’m flattered. The world needs more kindness.”

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