By People Staff
Updated June 16, 2008 12:00 AM

David Archuleta was feeling “blessed” on Father’s Day.

The Idol runner-up spent Sunday going to church and eating lunch at Soup Plantation with his father, Jeff.

“That was neat to be able to do,” he wrote on his MySpace page.

That, however, is a different image that Idol fans got of Archuleta’s dad during the singing competition.

Jeff Archuleta was the center of a minor controversy on American Idol when his backstage privileges were revoked after reportedly interfering with the production of the show.

While the 17-year-old spent Monday rehearsing for the Idol tour and taking business meetings, he said he wanted to take time out to thank his fans for the messages they sent to his dad on Father’s Day.

He wrote: “I really appreciate that and I know he does as well. He’s been great so I’m glad you guys took time to send him your messages. Hope everyone else’s dads had a great time too!” —Emmet Sullivan

Steve Granitz/WireImage