Beyond 'Dating Naked' : What Are TV's Top 5 Nude Moments?

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VH1 has unzipped the secret to television success: getting naked.

The channel’s stripped-down reality show, Dating Naked, is a summer hit thanks to its contestants who are willing to undress for a first date – and a chance at love. Each steamy episode of Dating Naked has attracted over a million viewers and caused a social media frenzy.

A dater’s recent lawsuit against the show, for airing an uncensored crotch shot, has only strengthened Dating Naked gossip. And now things are about to get even hotter as Dating Naked takes on matrimony. On September 18 at 9 p.m., VH1 will air TV’s first all-nude wedding. But what about the garter?

To celebrate this unusual take on the tradition of marriage, Adweek rated the top naked moments in TV history. Hopefully, Dating Naked‘s buff couple is taking notes.

5. The Oscar Streaker

In 1974, photographer Robert Opel decided to add a little crassness to Hollywood’s classiest night by streaking across the stage during David Niven’s presentation. Niven didn’t let the stunt ruffle him, quickly quipping to the audience afterwards, “Well, ladies and gentlemen, that was almost bound to happen … But isn’t it fascinating to think that probably the only laugh that man will ever get in his life is by stripping off and showing his shortcomings?”

4. Tales of the City

Based on the novels of Armistead Maupin, this 1993 miniseries follows the story of Mary Ann Singleton – played by Laura Linney – a young woman who decides to stay in San Francisco after taking a trip to visit. The show’s bold and celebratory depiction of drug use and casual sex earned PBS some of its highest ratings, but also scared away many stations, which simply refused to air the racy look at modern life in the city.

3. NYPD Blue

Today we can’t stop talking about Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” assets, but 20 years ago it was Dennis Franz’s hiney that made headlines. The mustachioed NYPD Blue star bared his bottom in a 1994 episode of the ABC drama, opening the door for more nudity on prime time and plenty of jokes from late night hosts.

2. Super Bowl’s Nipplegate

It’s been 10 years, but most Americans can still recall where they were when Justin Timberlake accidentally ripped off a vital part of Janet Jackson‘s outfit during the Super Bowl halftime performance that gave birth to the term “wardrobe malfunction.”

1. Game of Thrones

When the folks of Westeros aren’t fighting or plotting, they’re probably naked. Sometimes, they do all three at once. The Emmy-nominated HBO show has turned TV nudity into the expected and, based on the numbers, Game of Thrones‘s audience isn’t complaining.

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