July 22, 2015 01:00 PM

One Dating Naked contestant is wising up to the naked truth that she faces romantic competition on the reality dating show.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peak at the season 2 premiere of Dating Naked, Kerri feels a flash of envy when Chris appears smitten with another disrobed woman, Jenny.

Kerri bares her soul (and the rest of her body) for the camera: “The moment I saw Jenny, it all really set in what this experience is going to be like,” Kerri says. “There’s going to be these beautiful women hanging out with me all the time, and we might mutually be interested in Chris, and that’s intimidating.”

After Chris calls Jenny “the funniest girl I have ever met in my entire life,” Kerri vents, “I was a little jealous. They had obviously had a blast. Why did she have to be awesome?”

The stakes are high for Kerri, Chris, Jenni, and the gang – season 1 culminated in a wedding for two of the stark-naked sweethearts, Ashley Fonda and Alika Mederiros. (Fonda walked down the aisle in a dress, but she tied the knot in the buff.)

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Season 2 kicks off (its clothing) on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on VH1.

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