'Dateline' Turns 25! See Which Celebs Are Obsessed with the Show

Bill Hader, Molly Sims and Kristin Chenoweth are among the stars obsessed with Dateline

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Dateline is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and stars are showing their love for the favorite show.

“Keith Morrison has brought me more joy over the years than any TV personality,” said Bill Hader. “I seriously go to sleep to him telling stories about kidnappings, murder, assassinations, arson, robbery and, once, a dismemberment. It’s like a cozy blanket.”

But Hader isn’t the only celeb obsessed with the long-running series. Here are more stars who have declared their love for Dateline.

Dax Shepard: “My love for Keith Morrison started with the obvious things that attract most everyone to him – his appearance and style, his vocal acrobatics, the poetry behind his storytelling. But somewhere around my 100th episode, his subtler, more nuanced qualities began to surface – his ability to lean on almost any surface (barbed wire, fire, wind), his high-octane brand of empathy and his spot-on eye for pairing any environment with the perfect leather jacket. He is that unique blend of scrappy hustler and honed professional. An intoxicating mix, to say the least.”

Marcia Clark:Dateline has consistently managed to deliver some of the most compelling and intriguing stories on network television for the past 25 years. It’s a testament to the talent of all involved – I could’ve talked to correspondent Josh Mankiewicz for days – that they’ve maintained such quality programming for so long.”

Molly Sims: “I am addicted to Dateline. Listening to Keith Morrison is like a lullaby …. Seriously I love it so much and watch it sometimes two or three times a week. My husband thinks I am plotting schemes to harm him!!!”

Kristin Chenoweth: “Spanning the past 25 years, whether you have an appetite for intrigue, investigation, insight or inspiration, Dateline has catered a celebrated and mouth-watering affair. Honest and honored, they have struck both headlines and hearts including mine since their first broadcast in 1992. A legacy news program that has never looked better.”

Michelle Trachtenberg: “I’ve watched Dateline for as long as I can remember, and have always appreciated that the stories are so supportive of the victim’s families and let their voices be heard. Not to mention Keith Morrison has an open door to narrate my life.”

Michael Bublé: “I love Dateline for two reasons. No. 1: They took a chance on an unknown Canadian boy when they did a profile on me years ago, and No. 2: They have amazing correspondents who tell compelling stories. One of my favorite shows for sure.”

Stevie Nicks:Dateline is the real version of all the crime shows on TV. I’ve enjoyed watching it for years.”

Lucy Lawless:Dateline has been hugely educative in terms of dangerous liaisons. We think we’re interested in justice but really a viewer just wants to know how crappy her marriage isn’t. Keith Morrison is magic. He can almost lull you to sleep with tales of murder most foul. And that Josh Mankiewicz, he’s just so darn natty! Hell, I’d watch for the pocket squares alone. I love Dateline, but I sure as hell don’t want to star in one.

Dateline airs Fridays (9 p.m. ET) on NBC.

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