Danny Noriega Thanks Fans & Rosie O'Donnell in Yanked Video


Ousted Idol contestant Danny Noriega thanked his fans, which he referred to as “Danimals,” “Danny’s Fannies” and “Danny Lions,” in a YouTube video posted Monday.

But almost as soon as the video went up, the clip was removed from the site “by the user” Monday night.

“I just wanted to thank you guys for everything. All your support makes me feel good. And when I’m in a sad mood, I just go on MySpace and read all your mail,” he said. “And I promise you if it takes 10 years, I’ll write you back.”

The 18-year-old contestant, who missed making the top 12 on American Idol when he was sent home Thursday, also thanked Rosie O’Donnell for “that amazing opportunity” to go on a free cruise to Mexico on O’Donell’s R Family Vacations.

“She’s an amazing woman — such an inspiration to me. And it’s such an honor for her to offer an opportunity like that,” he said, without ever indicating whether he accepted the offer or not.

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