Credit: Stephen Lovekin;F Micelotta/American Idol/Getty(2)

Danny Noriega was voted off American Idol Thursday night — but he may already have his first gig, courtesy of Rosie O’Donnell.

The former talk show host took to her blog to rave about Noriega’s performance and offer the 18-year-old one amazing consolation prize: a free cruise to Mexico on O’Donell’s R Family Vacations.

“I don’t know if you have to sit around the American Idol studio and look sad for the next few weeks — because I think that’s part of the contract,” joked O’Donnell. “But you got a free cruise. You and a friend.”

But O’Donnell expects the young singer to work for his vacation. “Come on there, and I want you to sing ‘Tainted Love,'” she says. “I think you’re fantastic. And I think you’re a bold and brave and beautiful young man. And I admire you, Danny Noriega. You have an amazing voice. And your hair looks good straight.”

Also on the cruise: O’Donnell’s pal and True Colors Tour partner Cyndi Lauper. The combination, O’Donnell says, would make a perfect duet — or trio! Says the comedienne: “You can sing with her — and me — onstage.” Stephen Lovekin;F Micelotta/American Idol/Getty(2)