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October 17, 2008 12:00 AM

Even the awe-inspiring sight of an elephant across the water from their camp couldn’t rally the Fang tribe to victory. In their fourth trip to tribal council, the red team sent a weary and dissolute 26-year-old G.C. Brown home to Portland. Ore.

Here’s what led to G.C. all but begging to leave the game:

Elephant in the Room: At bountiful Kota, Bob brings back fish to the tribe (freshly caught in their reward-challenge nets) and ends up shocking the group, literally, with an electric fish. At rice-poor Fang, the tribe’s spirits are momentarily uplifted by the sight of an elephant ripping down trees and eating grass across the water from the camp. Ace and Matty hop into a canoe for a closer look. Matty says seeing the elephant “makes you appreciate life.”

The Fruits of Labor: For reward, tribes must toss fruit over two obstacles to members who must catch the fruit and dump it in a basket. In their way, two opposing team members holding bats defend their baskets by swatting at the lobbed fruit. After five minutes, the team with the most fruit in the basket by weight wins an herb garden, oil and salt, and the collected fruit.

For once, it seems that Fang is getting the hang of winning a challenge. The high-tossing combination of Matty to Ken lands plenty of fruit into Fang’s basket while Ace, defending Fang’s first obstacle, is having an easy time batting away Kota’s throws. And then the inevitable — Kota strategizes that it’s best to toss two big pieces of fruit each time, thus definitely having one bypass Ace on every turn. Whaddaya know — it works! Kota wins the challenge with 18 pounds of collected fruit against Fang’s 16 pounds. With the victory, Kota sends Sugar back to Exile for a third time! When Jeff Probst asks why, Dan explains that by this time, she probably has found the hidden immunity idol and they hope to flush it out before the merge. Sugar responds with a simple, “Whatever.”

Tale of Two Tribes: Fired up with winning and food, Dan announces to Kota that he wants them to unify and stick to unanimous votes before and after the merge. Marcus isn’t sure he can trust Dan. Randy, meanwhile, is just happy to be on a tribe that appreciates him, even if it might only be up to a point. At Fang, however, G.C. despairs while Crystal berates. Ace watches the fighting from afar and is pleased to see implosion. “It’s a bunch of insanity,” says Matty of the disorganized tribe. As if proving the point, G.C. disappears right before Fang has to leave for the immunity challenge. While Matty, Ken and Kelly yell for G.C., Ace and Crystal scowl at the wasted effort. When G.C. finally emerges, Kelly tells him they were five minutes from leaving without him. G.C. shrugs and says, “That would have been cool with me.”

Play Ball: At the top of a steep slope, a thrower sends a large wooden sphere down a course where the object is to get the ball into a goal pen. Meanwhile, a defender from another tribe holds a shield and tries to stop the ball from going through. The defender, however, is blindfolded, and depends on a teammate to direct him to the other team’s ball to block it. Both teams really end up scoring by default in this sloppy challenge but the best part was when, during the last round and behind by one point, Kota caller Randy tells opposing defender Ace to “freeze,” which he does instead of listening to his own caller, Sugar! So again, Kota wins immunity.

G.C. Go Home: Before meeting up with Jeff, all eyes turn toward G.C., who has been moping around camp about how the game has changed him and he doesn’t want to be there anymore. However, just when the vote seems obvious, Ace and Sugar go off to swim and the other tribe members get a hunch to look through Sugar’s bag for the immunity idol. Crystal finds it and quickly they start thinking that this would be the only chance they have to blindside Sugar if they vote for her. At council, Sugar cries when G.C. talks about wanting not to suffer any more. She also reveals that she is fine with checking her bag for the idol and she’s surprised no one has point-blank asked her if she has the idol or not. Despite these bold proclamations, the vote goes as expected and the majority of the tribe kick out G.C. — Cynthia Wang

Tell us: Should Fang have blindsided Sugar and flushed out the idol instead of sending G.C. home? Can Ken get any skinnier?Monty Brinton/CBS

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