"They will likely get married sometime in the next week or so," a source tells PEOPLE of Danielle Staub's wedding plans with new fiancé Oliver Maier

Although Danielle Staub initially planned to marry her new fiancé on Monday, four days after announcing her engagement to Oliver Maier, the pair have decided to wait just “a bit” longer before tying the knot, a source tells PEOPLE.

“Danielle is postponing wedding a bit as she wants to spend some time with her daughters, who were taken by surprise,” the source says of the development, which was first reported on by US Weekly.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, 56, shares daughters Christine, 25, and Jillian, 20, with her second husband, businessman Thomas N. Staub, from whom she split with after 14 years of marriage before RHONJ began filming.

However, the reality star and Maier, 52, still plan to walk down the aisle shortly.

“They will likely get married sometime in the next week or so,” the source says.

Oliver Maier and Danielle Staub
| Credit: Danielle Staub/Instagram

Staub first shared the happy news about her engagement on Thursday, just one week after finalizing her divorce from husband Marty Caffrey.

Staub met her soon-to-be-husband in October through a mutual friend, whom Maier was dating at the time.

Maier is German and French and works as the managing director of Speyside Equity, a private equity firm based out of New York City. He previously told PEOPLE that his family owns 15 vineyards in the South of France as well as two castles. He also said that he’s considered the Duke of Provence, which would make Staub a duchess after they wed.

“I’m madly in love,” Staub told PEOPLE about her 21st engagement. “I’m feeling elated and excited for the next stage of my life. I’m going to marry the man of my possible dreams and hopefully I’ll spend the rest of my life in bliss.”

Credit: Courtesy Danielle Staub

After getting engaged early Thursday morning during a romantic getaway to the Cheval Blanc maison in St. Barth, the pair headed to luxury French jewelry brand Van Cleef & Arpels to pick out the perfect ring.

Staub — whose birthstone is ruby — settled on a 5-carat ruby design from the famed jeweler, whose engagement rings range from $4,000 to $145,000.

As she gave PEOPLE an exclusive first look at her new bling, Staub described the significance of the intertwining diamonds on the side.

“In the French culture having something intertwined symbolizes two bodies coming together as one,” she said.

Credit: Danielle Staub

As for where the new couple will live, Staub previously told PEOPLE the pair plan to split their time between New York City and Europe.

“Most likely we’ll be spending a lot of time in France,” she said. “We’ll be going to castles and all that, and living in Paris for a certain amount of months out of the year.”

“It’s going to be far different than Jersey, that’s for sure,” she added, saying that she still plans to purchase property in the state for her daughters.