Danielle Staub's Husband Marty Caffrey Claims She Threatened to 'Stab' Him

Danielle Staub's estranged husband Marty Caffrey has obtained a temporary restraining order against his wife

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Danielle Staub‘s estranged husband Marty Caffrey has obtained a temporary restraining order against the Real Housewives of New Jersey star.

Caffrey obtained the order just one day after Staub was granted a temporary restraining order following a domestic dispute at their New Jersey home over the weekend.

In the court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Caffrey claims Staub has been “angry since Thursday after receiving a letter from his attorney indicating he was filing for a divorce.”

According to RadarOnline, the restraining order states that Staub threatened to “stab” Caffrey during the weekend altercation — and it wasn’t the first time.

“Over the past year, [Staub] has threatened to stab [Caffrey] in the neck at least a dozen times,” the restraining order states.

“[Staub] has thrown items at [Caffrey] in the past when she became angry,” the documents continue, according to RadarOnline. “[Staub] has thrown a stapler and kitchen utensils at [Caffrey]. [Staub] goes on screaming tangents loud enough for the neighbors to hear whenever [Caffrey] disagrees with her. [Staub] would scream derogatory things about [Caffrey] and his children.”

A source close to the couple tells PEOPLE that Caffrey is currently living in a hotel.

“Because of Danielle filing a restraining order he can’t go into his own home. He is staying at a hotel,” the source alleges. “After this weekend, he filed a restraining order against her, which will come into effect today. Her threats were to stab him in the neck and to throw a hot iron in his face.”

Prior to the incident, the source says Caffrey and Staub were not communicating directly.

“Danielle’s been refusing to speak to him. If he wants to tell her something he has to call her publicist and the publicist would talk to her,” the source says. “They stay on separate sides of the house. It’s been Danielle and her daughter Jillian in one area and Marty in another. Anytime he tries to reach out to her or even walks down to the kitchen to talk to her, Danielle tells him to call her publicist.”

But Staub’s rep fired back in a statement to PEOPLE.“The claims being made are beyond preposterous and clearly a knee-jerk reaction to Danielle’s filing,” her rep said. “I cannot imagine there is a single person gullible enough to believe any of this nonsense. If even ten percent of these claims were true, any normal person would have already filed for divorce or, better yet, not married the person in the first place. This is laughable.”

The respective restraining orders come less than a month after Staub admitted she was having “difficulties” in her marriage.

“Danielle is having some difficulties with her marriage right now and is hoping everything will work out,” Staub’s rep told PEOPLE.

Staub and Caffrey said “I do” in May during a sunset bohemian beach ceremony held on the Bahamas’ North Bimini Island at the Luna Beach Club.

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But the source says their relationship was showing signs of trouble long before they got married.

“Their relationship started going south right after they got engaged,” the source alleges. “She’s really good at luring someone in to get what she wants and then as she starts to get it, her true colors come out. A lot of it had to do with spending. This has really been a financial stress on Marty.”

Staub and Caffrey began dating in April 2016. He proposed to her on a season 8 episode — as PEOPLE first reported in May — surprising Staub on the grounds of a beautiful mansion, where a violinist played Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” and a handful of couples danced around them.

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