Going by the name Lizdsay Taylorhan, the former Boy Meets World star pretends to go on a drunken tirade


Former child star worlds collided Thursday night on The Soup with hysterical results.

And while Lindsay Lohan didn’t get rave reviews for playing Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick, Danielle Fishel as Lohan as Taylor is a different story!

The upcoming Girl Meets World star, 31, in a tight-fitting, cleavage-baring black dress, filmed the skit for E!, telling viewers she “wanted to give you guys a little behind the scenes” of her process pretending to be the 26-year-old star, most famous this week for her bar fight in N.Y.C.

Going into a fictitious drunken tirade, Fishel sobs, screams, laughs and throws empty bottles in-between boozy sips.

“Why am I playing Lindsay Lohan, anyway?” jokes the actress, as she rips apart a script. “Excuse me for being a well-adjusted child star!”

Mocking Lohan’s portrayal of Taylor’s affair with Richard Burton, Fishel even makes out with a head shot of Soup host, Joel McHale, and whispers, “We really shouldn’t be doing this,” before shouting, “Stop it, you are a married man!”

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