'OutDaughtered' Stars and Quintuplet Parents Adam and Danielle Busby Reveal How They Manage Their Finances

The parents to all-girl quintuplets and one 5-year-old "budget" to "make ends meet"

Figuring out how to financially plan for a baby is overwhelming enough — but can you imagine five babies?

PEOPLE Now caught up with Adam and Danielle Busby, stars of TLC’s hit show OutDaughtered, and the two opened up about how they manage their finances with 18-month all-girl quintuplets — plus their 5-year-old daughter Blayke.

Adam, who works full-time, says the task is certainly daunting.

“Being the sole provider, I feel like it’s all on my shoulders,” he admitted.

“It’s been a big drop because I used to work full-time and we had two incomes coming in,” said Danielle. “We had to make the call when I was pregnant, to make [the kids] a priority, and it took me away from my job.”

Danielle now stays at home with the girls and explained that they do their best to work it out.

“We budget and we do what we can to make ends meet and make it work,” she said. “The biggest part of it all is that no matter what we come across, God has always provided, no matter what the situation. I feel like that’s kind of his working in this story that we’re living and sharing. He’s protecting and guiding us and providing … and that’s how we’ve done it!”

OutDaughtered airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on TLC.

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