Dan Levy Makes His Sexiest Man Alive Issue Debut, Jokes 'This Form of Sexy Is a Niche Market'

The Schitt's Creek star talks cooking fails, mixing up cocktails and his favorite shows to binge during quarantine in this week's Sexiest Man Alive Issue 2020

Yay, David! Schitt's Creek star Dan Levy makes his PEOPLE Sexiest Man Alive debut in this year's issue.

“This form of sexy is a niche market,” Levy, 37, quips in this week’s PEOPLE, in which he puts a sexy spin on some of the most popular quarantine activities — including taking out the recycling.

As for how he’s spent the last eight months, the Emmy winner, like many of us, has tried to develop his skills in the kitchen.

“I was trying different pasta sauces, I was making breads, I was baking cookies. I did the Levain bakery chocolate chip cookies that I found the recipe online, and they weren't quite as good,” he shares. “I did a banana bread recipe that a friend swore by, and then I made it, and it wasn't quite as good. And then, I did a sourdough bread that turned out like a really heavy, dense brick.”

daniel levy
Daniel Levy takes out the bottle-filled trash in PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive 2020 issue. Caitlin Crotenberg

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Levy realized “none of these inspiring exercises in the kitchen worked out for me,” he says. “All it did for me was remind myself that I should be saving my money and putting it towards ordering food so that someone can do it for me.”

The Canada native found he had better luck with a cocktail shaker than he did a stand mixer. “I was doing Negronis, Manhattans and I have been trying to perfect a Cosmopolitan,” Levy says. “It's my favorite cocktail. Sex and the City aside, it's a very refreshing beverage. But there's an alchemy to a Cosmopolitan that needs to be just right, otherwise it does not taste good. So, I have continually been trying to perfect the Cosmopolitan on the rocks in a tumbler, not a martini glass.”

One of Levy’s “many forms of self-medication that have happened over the past six months” also included buying a Peloton indoor cycling bike. “I went down the path with the Peloton bike,” he says. “I have since left my house, so that bike is just sitting there empty. And I have not done an ounce of physical activity since.”

Levy also found that he hasn't enjoyed passing the time by doing a puzzle, either. “I am too short-tempered for a puzzle,” the actor says. “Why would I do a puzzle when I could put on a television show or read a book or watch a movie?”

While his comedy found a lot of new fans amid quarantine, Levy — who stars as David Rose in Schitt’s Creek — binged Insecure, Normal People and a few Bravo favorites.

“I was watching Real Housewives of Atlanta. I was watching Below Deck Mediterranean,” says Levy, who will appear next in the holiday rom-com Happiest Season. “We were really into sophisticated fare at first and now it's people throwing drinks at each other on a yacht.”

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While watching the shows, Levy had a faithful couch buddy sitting beside him: his pup Redmond, a Corgi-Dachshund he rescued from the Los Angeles streets. “For six years, I've been an absentee parent for six months at a time, because I was shooting the show,” Levy says of Schitt’s Creek. “Now I work from home and we finally have gotten our groove back. It's no longer the absentee dad that's like, ‘See you in a few months.’ I've built back his trust. It's going well.”

Ultimately, Levy calls his time at home this year “completely transformative.”

“I do think that there has been a sense of community that's been established around this quarantine,” he says. “Everyone going through a very similar situation in terms of having the same restrictions on themselves, I think it's forced us to communicate. It certainly opened up lines of communication for me. In times of crisis, all you have to do is be grateful for what you have. I'm very curious to see what happens in the next year.”

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