Viewers will find out what happens to Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim's Hawaii Five-0 characters in the season 8 premiere


Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, who exited Hawaii Five-0 last month amid controversy and contract disputes, reunited in Canada on Wednesday. Kim shared a photo of the two smiling alongside the harbor in Vancouver with the caption, “Cousins #reunited. Until next time, #Vancouver!”

The pair portrayed members of the Five-0 task force, Kono Kalakaua (Park) and Chin Ho Kelly (Kim), who also happened to be cousins. They had been with the show since its pilot episode, but last month, it was announced that they would not be returning for the eighth season of the CBS procedural.

The departures became controversial as reports that Kim and Park left the show over contract disputes that found them fighting for equal pay with their fellow series regulars, an issue that had many labeling it symptomatic of Hollywood’s issues with diversity and equal pay for actors of color. (CBS chief Kelly Kahl addressed the matter as recently as Tuesday, telling the press at TCA, “We loved both those actors and did not want to lose them. We made very, very strong attempts to keep them and offered them a lot of money to stick around. We wanted them to stick around. It’s an unfortunate byproduct of having a long successful show is sometimes you lose cast members. We didn’t want it to happen. We tried our darnedest to keep them… We never like to lose characters that the audience loves off long-running shows. It’s the nature of the business. We made very lucrative offers to those actors.)

Viewers will find out what happens to Park and Kim’s characters in the season 8 premiere — when we last saw them, Kono left the team to investigate a child sex trafficking ring, while Chin (Kim) was offered an opportunity to start up a San Francisco task force.

Park, 43, and Kim, 48, both have new projects in the pipeline, and Hawaii Five-0 returns to CBS on Sept. 29.

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