The booted I'm a Celebrity ... contestant says the model acts "annoying" and entitled
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Big, hairy spiders? Gooey trees? Man eating insects? No problem, says Daniel Baldwin. But dealing with supermodel Janice Dickinson? Now that’s scary.

Baldwin, 48, the latest cast-off from NBC’s I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! was still ranting about Dickinson when he spoke with reporters Friday morning hours after leaving the Costa Rican jungle.

“Janice Dickinson is undereducated and over-medicated,” fumed Baldwin. “I struggle with people who have that sense of entitlement. Like Spencer and Heidi [Pratt], she [thinks] being annoying will keep her on the show. She urinated in the camp rather than walk an extra 25 steps, she stole food and lied about it… It’s almost a sociopath’s behavior.”

Daniel was much sorrier to leave his brother Stephen, 43, behind. “I know he’ll miss me,” said Daniel, but suggested that this might not be the last reality show for the Brothers Baldwin (of which there are four, including Billy, 46, and Alec, 51). “I don’t know how well Alec [would do] patience-wise, but there’s been talk for years of us all doing a movie. We’re very funny.”

But could the average American network afford a full Baldwin cast? “The price would shoot up a bit for Alec,” conceded Daniel. “When you talk about chemistry and humor, you’d be better off with Stephen and me.”

As for rumors of a Speidi comeback, Baldwin hopes they’re not true. “As torturous as Heidi and Spencer tried to depict this, it was nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be. There was food, there were cots under cover, there were [toilets] and showers. I thought I’d have to suck the spider venom out of my brother’s arm. But they even have medics there for that.”
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