America's Got Talent Trapeze Artist Falls, David Blaine Accidentally Shoots Himself & More Dangerous Stunts Gone Wrong

Prepare to cringe

Fans of America’s Got Talent and similar reality TV show competitions are accustomed to witnessing countless death-defying stunts executed flawlessly. But once in a while, things do go wrong, as they did on Tuesday night’s episode of America’s Got Talent (and that’s not even the first AGT stunt to go south).

Here, some reality competition moments that had our jaws on the floor.

An America’s Got Talent Trapeze Artist Doesn’t Catch His Partner

OMG! What Happened? Mary and Tyce, a husband-and-wife trapeze team, initially wowed the judges as they performed gravity-defying tricks high above the stage, which was on fire throughout their act. Their impressive feats were made even more daring as Tyce is legally blind in his right eye due to a progressive eye disease. On their final big trick, Tyce blindfolded himself as he hung upside down and prepared to catch his wife. Mary then fell backward so Tyce could catch her by her ankles — but she slipped through his grip, falling heavily to the floor.

Got It … But Are They Okay? They’re both doing well! So well, in fact, that the couple offered to try out the stunt once more — to the shock of the judges, who denied their request while praising their talent (and sending them to the next round).

An America’s Got Talent Contestant Is Shot in the Throat by a Flaming Arrow

OMG! What Happened? Back in 2015, Canadian stuntman and sword swallower Ryan Stock swallowed a long rod with a small target on the end and bent forward for his fiancée, AmberLynn Walker, to take aim. Using a crossbow and a flaming arrow, Walker fired a bolt at the target and missed, striking Stock near his neck.

Got It … But Is He Okay? The mishap left the judges in shock as Stock appeared to grab his neck in pain. “I’m okay, it got my shirt, I’m okay,” he eventually assured the terrified crowd.

David Blaine Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Mouth

OMG! What Happened? The magician performed a bullet-catching trick live at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas in November 2017, but it wasn’t until his show Beyond Magic aired in January on ABC that he revealed the stunt had gone seriously wrong. Blaine was supposed to pull a string to fire a rifle and the bullet was supposed to be caught by a metal cup in his mouth. However, the cup slipped off the grooves that attached it to a mouthguard shielding his gums.

Got It … But Is He Okay? “… I became aware of the pain and it brought me back,” the magician said in a voiceover.”At that moment I realized that the mouth guard had shattered again, and I was alive.” A medical worker on the scene said the magician had a laceration in his throat, and he was taken to a hospital — but not before he thanked the crowd.

Criss Angel Loses Consciousness During His Las Vegas Magic Show

Ethan Miller/Getty
Ethan Miller/Getty

OMG! What Happened? During his Las Vegas magic show in March 2017, Angel attempted to get out of a straight jacket while being suspended in the air. The magician ended up losing consciousness after two minutes of circling round and round in the jacket. He was rushed to the emergency room immediately after.

Got It … But Is He Okay? Sources told TMZ the star was discharged from the hospital that same night.

Britain’s Got Talent Contestant Almost Passes Out While His Head Is Submerged Under Water

OMG! What Happened? Contestant Matt Johnson chained himself and submerged his head under water in a stunt that was supposed to end with him freeing himself. After one minute and 45 seconds passed — the max time professionals deemed safe to be under water with no oxygen — medics rushed to his aid to free the stuntman.

Got It … But Is He Okay? Johnson was fine in the end but fans were left furious when the daring contestant did not make it to the next round.

Steve-O Is Severely Burned by Rocket Fuel

OMG! What Happened? The Jackass alumnus became severely burned after performing a stunt involving rocket fuel.

Got It … But Is He Okay? Yep! Steve-O is a trouper. After a trip to the hospital — from where he posted a video of himself covered in boils — he still made it to his show in Denver that same week.

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