D'Andra Simmons Says New Season of RHOD Will Address Brandi Redmond's Racially Insensitive Video

Brandi Redmond apologized for the video, which appears to show her mocking Asians, back in January

D’Andra Simmons says ‘RHOD’ will address Brandi Redmond’s racist video ‘head on’
D'Andra Simmons, Brandi Redmond. Photo: Thomas Concordia/Getty; Danny Bollinger/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal/Getty

The upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Dallas will address Brandi Redmond's racially insensitive video, according to cast member D'Andra Simmons.

"I think that it's very important for the show," Simmons, 50, explained to Page Six.

"We can't just sweep it under the rug, especially since it was such a big deal for people and they were very upset about it," Simmons told the outlet.

A rep for Bravo did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

Simmons also hinted that the show will touch on other conversations surrounding race.

"I can't really talk about the other cast members, but there's another reason why we had to do that, as well," Simmons said. "You'll have to wait and see [what that is]."

Race and racial tensions will also be addressed in Simmons upcoming film My Brother's Crossing, which she co-produced alongside her photojournalist husband Jeremy Lock.

The film is based on the true-life story of a white couple killed while riding a motorcycle and the forgiveness of the Black man responsible for their death, according to IMDb. The movie will be released on Sept. 3.

Of the film's release, which comes on the heels of the continued protests against police brutality across the world, Simmons said: "God has done this serendipitously."

"People are going to see it an then look at what's happening in our world with a different lens, Simmons told Page Six.

As for the controversy surrounding Redmond, she issued an apology after the video, which appears to show her mocking Asians, resurfaced online.

“A video resurfaced of me from three years ago which at the time I had posted and quickly deleted and then immediately apologized for my insensitivity,” Redmond, 41, wrote on Twitter. “I would like to once again sincerely apologize for my offensive actions.”

Redmond first came under fire after the video, which was originally filmed in 2017, was shared online by Steve Kemble, the wedding planner for former RHOD star LeeAnne Locken, according to NBC News.

“They ask me what Asian I am because my eyes, they squinty,” Redmond says in the video, while appearing to mock an Asian accent.

The Real Housewives of Dallas - Season 4
The Real Housewives of Dallas.

“Take A Seat #BrandiRedmond Remember this!? I Do!” Kemble captioned the clip, before calling out Andy Cohen as well as several RHOD cast members over comments they made about Locken after she made racially insensitive comments during last season.

The video resurfaced shortly after Redmond appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in December, when she discussed the comments Locken had made about RHOD costar Kary Brittingham.

During a December episode, Locken went on a rant about Brittingham, who is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, after she and the rest of her castmates witnessed a “ping pong” sex show, which Brittingham had expressed interest in attending.

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“That f—ing c— wants to prove how f—ing tough she is because she’s from Mexico,” Locken said to one housewife, later adding, “the little chirpy Mexican has to have her way and so she drug everyone there.”

In the December finale, Locken apologized to Brittingham after being confronted about the comments. Locken also issued a statement on Twitter, saying it was “never my intention to hurt anyone and I will use this as a learning experience to be more aware of my comments in the future.

Locken, 52, who has been a full-time cast member on the series since its premiere in April 2016, has since exited the show, PEOPLE exclusively reported in February.

After Redmond’s old video first resurfaced, a prompt backlash followed, as the reality star was criticized by many online and accused of racism.

She initially responded to the backlash in a series of tweets, which have since been deleted. In one response, which was captured by a fan account, she wrote, that she was “making a joke of myself,” noting in another comment that “there is a difference between making fun of yourself vs others or talking s—.”

In another since-deleted response, Redmond wrote: “It’s a good impersonation if I do say so myself and there was no harm done. I would do it again for a damn good audition. Have a great day.”

A premiere date for RHOD's fifth season has not yet been announced.

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