By People Staff
Updated October 08, 2007 12:00 AM
Credit: Photo: Jason Merritt/FilmMagic

Cheryl, I think you are the best dancer and I’m sure you are already prepared to be sent home earlier than usual this year, which makes me sad. What are your plans if that happens?… And if ABC asks you back for DWTS season 6 will you do it? –Chrissy Chrissy, as a professional competitive dancer you never plan to lose or be eliminated so I haven’t thought about that aspect of the show. I never do. As for another season of DWTS, we’ll have to see if the producers ask me back!

Any chance of you and Drew to do some special performance on one of the results show? Since Drew is doing the show now and doing such a magnificent job so far… –VickyI’d jump at the chance to dance with Drew on the show again if the producers ask us. We have so much fun dancing together that anytime we get an invitation perform together we accept. I have been a huge fan of yours since S2, you are simply amazing. How do you come up with the ideas for your costumes on the show, is it more the dance or the song or both? –Barbara It’s both the dance and the music. Each dance has a general theme that the costumes should match. Then you take into consideration the song and the vibe of the music. And then you think about your partner and their personality. We try to make the costumes as interesting and fun as possible without being overly distracting.

Is it challenging choreographing a new dance every week and every season with a new partner? –ColleenEach partner’s abilities determine the choreography that I develop for each dance but most importantly I make sure each dance highlights the partner’s best abilities.

Since joining Dancing with the Stars, you have become famous yourself. Are you still able to do normal things like go to the movies or out to dinner with your boyfriend or friends without being hounded by the paparazzi? –Crystal I don’t necessarily view myself as a “famous” person, I look at like Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts and think to myself, now that’s a celebrity. But certainly being in the public eye increases the amount of who know your name and who are interested in you and what you do so when you go to places where there are photographers you have to remember that. I’ve also come to realize which places allow me the most amount of privacy if I want to be out of the public eye.

Cheryl, I am a huge fan of both you and Matt Matthew Lawrence, Joey’s little brother. Do you ever ask Matt for advice when feeling nervous about performing and if so what advice has he given you? –Samantha I always ask Matt his opinion and get advice from him. He’s the best and most supportive person I know. When I’ve nervous he just provides me with the most positive energy and calms me.

Hi Cheryl, i was wondering if you have any siblings and if they dance as well? –kI have two sisters and neither one of them are dancers. I think they were dragged to too many dance performances of mine when we were younger to get the dancing bug!

Hi Cheryl, I love your style, where do you like to shop, and where do you get all those fun and cute dresses we see you in? –Lynnette I actually don’t really like shopping but I do love clothes! I’ve been lucky enough that some designers let me borrow their dresses to wear to events. And companies such as So Low and Tart have given me items to wear to rehearse in. I wish I could take more credit for the clothes that I get to wear!

Cheryl, what is your most memorable moment while performing on dancing with the stars? –n Easily it was when Drew and I performed Save a Horse in the finale of Season 2.

Hi Cheryl! i was wondering if it is true that there is going to be a dancing with the stars All star edition and if you would do it with drew? –Amanda An All-star show would be an amazing idea. But if I danced with Drew, who would dance with Emmitt? Photo: Jason Merritt/FilmMagic