"I feel like we did amazing, but you want to win," the actress says of placing second

By Dahvi Shira and Michele Stueven
Updated May 25, 2011 04:00 PM
Credit: Michael Desmond/ABC

Kirstie Alley didn’t expect to progress as far as she did on Dancing with the Stars. But once she made it to the finals, she wanted to take home the coveted mirror-ball trophy.

“I feel like we did amazing, but you want to win,” the actress, 60, told reporters after placing second on Tuesday’s finale. “We didn’t win, so I can’t say we didn’t have any sadness.”

But Alley – who admits “there was a long way to go” to get to the finale – says, “I wish we would have won, but when I look at what evolved from the first day to now, it’s extraordinary.”

In fact, the whole experience has changed the way she foresees the future.

“It sort of gave me a new view of what I wanted to do in my life,” Alley told PEOPLE. “It made me see that I can work really hard for what I want. I guess at the end of the day, the sweetness would be the ultimate win. But like I said, [Maksim Chmerkovskiy] didn’t get a 20-year-old girl [as his partner].”