But the Cuban actor will talk about his kids and dancing with Cheryl Burke

By Dahvi Shira
March 27, 2012 10:30 AM
Adam Taylor/ABC

William Levy may be one of the most talked about (and lusted after) celebrities on Dancing with the Stars right now, but he’d prefer people focus on his performances with partner Cheryl Burke.

“At the end of the day, it’s about dancing,” Levy, 31, told PEOPLE backstage Monday night after he and Burke scored 25 points out of 30 for their quickstep. “I just hope that every day, I can get better and better and better at dancing.”

Levy sidestepped any questions about his current relationship status for the second week in a row, politely explaining, “I just don’t like talking about my private life. It’s the only thing we can really have aside [from everything else] that we can really have for us.”

When a reporter joked, “You’ll get more votes on the show if you stay single,” the Cuban actor would only say, “I like to share things with people, but not everything, you know?”

One personal topic Levy couldn’t ignore? His two children – Christopher Alexander and Kailey Alexandra.

“They love [me on the show],” he beamed. “They really love it. They’re really enjoying me being on here. One of them came tonight. [My kids] have changed my life.”