Tom Bergeron: 'Dancing' 's All-Star Contestants Better Step It Up

"All of these people have done it before and many of them have won," the host tells PEOPLE

Photo: Adam Taylor/ABC

Time to bring it!

Dancing With the Stars co-hosts Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke-Charvet predict a cut-throat competition for the all-star season – and challenge the cast of returning dancers to step it up.

“You can’t just start the season with nines and tens, ’cause where do you go?” Bergeron told PEOPLE. “The judges are going to have to tweak their standard of judging to accommodate for the fact that all of these people have done it before and many of them have won it before.”

Thirteen of the best dancers – and fan favorites – from previous seasons will compete this fall, starting Sept. 24.

“They do know what they’re coming into, and they do fully understand the competition,” Burke-Charvet added. “I think they’re going to come back better than ever.”

Due to the rigorous training involved, the co-hosts joked that DWTS contestants are “a special kind of crazy” to return to the show for a second time.

“Some of them, frankly, just came back for the free spray tanning,” Bergeron teased.

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