'Property Brothers' ' Drew Scott Joins 'Dancing with the Stars' — Find Out How His Twin Brother Might Get Involved!

Season 25 of Dancing with the Stars premieres Monday, Sept. 18 on ABC

PEOPLE is celebrating the Sept. 18 premiere of Dancing with the Stars‘ 25th season with 25 days of exclusive interviews, fun retrospectives, and new details about what fans can expect from the milestone season.

Drew Scott is headed to the Dancing with the Stars ballroom!

PEOPLE previously reported the Property Brothers star would be among the list of stars participating on season 25 of the ABC reality dance competition, but it was officially revealed on Good Morning America Wednesday that Scott will be partnered with reigning DWTS champion Emma Slater.

“I can’t wait for premiere night,” Scott, 39, tells PEOPLE. “But what I’m really looking forward to is finale night where I hope Emma and I will be holding up the Mirrorball. I want to make her proud and really want her to be a back-to-back champion.”

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As he prepares for the Sept. 18 premiere, the HGTV star opens up about why he wants to compete on the show, what theme night has him most excited, and laughs about how his twin brother, Jonathan, might get involved on the show.

PEOPLE’s special issue 25 Seasons of ‘Dancing with The Stars’ is out Sept. 15.


Have you always wanted to be on DWTS?
For the past five or six years, fans have gone into a frenzy saying I should do the show every time a new season rolls around. Emma, some of the other pros, and [judge] Carrie Ann Inaba have all tweeted at me to do the show, too. I love the show. The crews on our shows love it, so it’s been a big part of our lives for a long time.

Why was this the right time to say yes?
It’s not! [Laughs.] I’m going to be busy. I’ll be filming two of my shows up in Toronto and one of my shows in L.A. And the Sept. 18 premiere comes right in the middle of our book tour to promote our book, which comes out Sept. 5, so Emma and I will be rehearsing in a different city every night. But this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And I’m going to learn how to dance just a few months before my wedding. That’s going to be amazing.

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What does your family think of you doing the show?
I think my mom’s scream lasted about two minutes. She was so excited. I keep making fun of my fiancée, Linda, because I think if you watch the videos of our rehearsals, you’ll see Linda in the background mimicking the dance moves. She’s the one that really solidified the deal for me. I said, “I’m going to be so busy, flying all over the country. But do you think I should do it?” She said, “No question. This is something you’ve always wanted to do. You have to do it.”

Do you have any prior dance experience?
I’ve never danced before. I did, like, two drop-in hip-hop dance classes when I was, like, 20, so I am no dance expert but I always love a challenge.

So how have rehearsals been going?
I’ve done one day of rehearsal and it is hard. I’m a coordinated guy and I excel at sports, but this is the first time in a long time that I have felt like the most awkward person in the room while performing in a sport. But that’s exciting. I’m not coming into this with any ego. This is something my fans and family wanted to see happen, so I’m going to go in there like that new kid on the block who has no skills and learns from the best, which is Emma.

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What aspects of the show are you most excited about?
We’re Disney freaks, so I’m so excited for that theme night. If I can dress up as Disney character, that will be awesome. We live and breathe Disney in our house. We were just out on a charitable trip in Kenya and as we were out there we were singing The Lion King. We’re just a bunch of nerds. I don’t know which Disney character I’d be, but I’m sure Linda has already put a list together.

You’re known for your HGTV shows, which costar your twin brother Jonathan. How does it feel to be competing on this show without him?
We’re identical twins. We’ve done mostly everything together our entire lives. We own our companies together. As kids we were doing the same jobs. We branch off every so often – like me with my acting and Jonathan with his magic – but for me to be doing something on my own is exciting. Its nerve-racking for me too because it’s so new. But knowing that I have Emma’s support makes it so much easier. When you’re a twin, you’re used to doing everything together – and we love each other – but this is really exciting to do this on my own.

Any plans to get him out on the dance floor with you?
Maybe what I’ll do is conspire with Jonathan to switch in at rehearsals when I’m too tired. We’d have to see if Emma would notice!

Season 25 of Dancing with the Stars premieres Monday, Sept. 18 on ABC.

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