Noah Galloway is set to receive a specially designed motorcycle from Harley Davidson

By Lynette Rice
May 15, 2015 09:50 PM
Ari Michelson

Wishes continue to come true for Noah Galloway!

The Dancing with the Stars contestant – who’s set to compete in the finals Monday and Tuesday on ABC – was gifted a motorcycle after he told PEOPLE that he wanted one to go with his new leather jackets from Kenneth Cole. Besides becoming a fan favorite on DWTS, Galloway is also a spokesman for Kenneth Cole’s Mankind fragrance.

The 33-year-old Army veteran, who just got engaged last week on the ABC show, posted a picture of himself straddling a new Harley Davidson on Instagram.

“Yesterday got a call from @harleydavidson,” he wrote. “They felt bad that I wasn’t able to get a motorcycle because I bought my beautiful fiancé a ring instead. Harley Davidson offered to give me, and modify, my own bike. Today they dropped by to show me a few. What an incredible gift from such a great company.”

In April, Galloway told PEOPLE that if he makes it far enough on DWTS, he will consider buying a motorcycle. Galloway also plans to start using a prosthetic arm, even though he tried one – but ultimately scuttled it – on DWTS.

“I do see myself wearing it,” Galloway told PEOPLE. “I said that, if I make it so far into the show, I was going to buy a motorcycle. If I’m going to drive a motorcycle, I gotta have an arm. So I see myself wearing an arm in the future. (His fiancé) Jamie is okay, kind of, but she’d rather I didn’t. But I’ve gotten two leather jackets from Kenneth Cole, and I feel they can’t go to waste without a motorcycle. So blame Kenneth Cole.”

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The two-night season finale of Dancing with the Stars‘ 20th season airs on ABC this Monday at 8 p.m. ET and Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET.