Get a Sneak Peek at Nick Lachey's Romantic 'DWTS' Routine Dedicated to His Wife Vanessa

At home, Nick Lachey is partnered with his wife Vanessa, with whom he has three children. But on season 25 of Dancing with the Stars, the singer is paired with pro dancer Peta Murgatroyd. Here, Lachey shares personal photos from his DWTS experience exclusively with PEOPLE.

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A Memorable Moment

Courtesy Nick Lachey

"Really hoping I don't lose my grip here!" Lachey recalls thinking of this pivotal moment in his dance with Murgatroyd, which he will perform Monday as part of Most Memorable Year Week. Lachey has chosen to honor 2011, the year he married Vanessa.

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A Demanding Routine

Courtesy Nick Lachey

"This dance is literally bringing me to my knees!!" jokes Lachey, who will be dancing a contemporary routine set to the song he and Vanessa danced to at their wedding.

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Roll the Tape

Courtesy Nick Lachey

"The eye in the sky don't lie!! You gotta review the tape," Lachey says of watching back the dance and getting notes from Murgatroyd.

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A Musical Break

Courtesy Nick Lachey

"The perfect way to reward yourself for a hard week? Coldplay at the Rose Bowl!" says Lachey, who attended the band's concert Oct. 6.

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Bend It Like Lachey

Courtesy Nick Lachey

"I'm not just dancing with the stars, I'm also reaching for the stars," jokes Lachey, back in rehearsal.

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Fancy Footwork

Courtesy Nick Lachey

"Trying to get the footing down is the hardest part," says Lachey. "But Peta is very patient and an excellent teacher."

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Having Another Go

Courtesy Nick Lachey

"I haven't lost my grip yet! I've got you Peta!" Lachey says of a successful camera-blocking rehearsal Oct. 8.

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For His Love

Courtesy Nick Lachey

"This dance is for Vanessa," Lachey says of why this performance means so much to him.

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Stretch It Out

Courtesy Nick Lachey

"Stretching it out with Peta before I go home and stretch out with my foam roller," Lachey says.

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