"It doesn't suck to be me," she writes of being in a "Chmerkovskiy sandwich"

By Melissa Gilbert
May 07, 2012 01:20 PM
Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Hello everyone!

Well here we are at week eight of Dancing with the Stars! And we made it without ever having to do the dance duel!

Honestly, I am amazed that we’ve made it this far. You fans surprise us every week. I still can’t believe that we’ve even never been in the bottom two. I really hope that happens again, because this week’s double elimination falls on my birthday – my 48th to be exact. So keep voting like crazy, please!

Our dances this week are a lot of fun. First I have a fox trot with Maks to “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart. Our story for the dance follows the lyrics: nasty cougar takes advantage of sweet, studious young man. There might even be a little kiss in their somewhere.

Our second dance is the samba. There is a twist, though. Each couple got to pick an eliminated pro or troupe member to dance with them. Since Maks and I were at the bottom of the leader board, we got to pick first. Of course we chose Val! So, once again I’m the middle of the Chmerkovskiy sandwich. It doesn’t suck to be me!

I really hope you enjoy both dances. We put an awful lot of work into them!

Finally, I leave you with a true tale. This happened to me yesterday while I was lunching with my friend Amanda: There was a family in the booth adjacent to ours. The husband said, “Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Melissa Gilbert?” I said, “Yes, I get that all the time.”

The wife then said, “Well, you look like the prettier version of her before all the crazy plastic surgery.” Audible jaw drops from Amanda and me as I turned to look back at her. Then I whispered to Amanda, “I have to.”

I then turned around very slowly looked the woman right in the eyes and very calmly said, “I am Melissa Gilbert.” The woman turned white and became covered in clammy flop sweat. We literally watched her throw up in her mouth a little bit.

I mean, really? Really?!?! We laughed about that off and on for the rest of the night. It’s my favorite story ever! Just goes to show, you must never believe everything you read on the web. Except for this blog, of course!

I hope you are all well and happy. I really hope that you enjoy tonight’s episode of Dancing.

Until next week ( I hope,I hope, I hope!),