'Dancing With the Stars' ' Mark Ballas and Fiancée BC Jean Confirm Derek Hough Will Be Best Man at Their Wedding – Even If They Joke That He 'Is Getting a Little Cocky'

Mark Ballas and fiancée BC Jean also spilled which artist they want to perform on their big day

Photo: Emma McIntyre/Getty

Derek Hough better get his tux ready!

After Hough revealed to PEOPLE Now that he was confident he would be the best man at his childhood friend and fellow Dancing with the Stars pro Mark Ballas‘ upcoming wedding, Ballas is confirming the news – sort of.

Ballas, 30, and his fianée BC Jean sat down with PEOPLE Now to talk about their upcoming wedding plans and admitted that, though Hough is a shoe-in for the job, they haven’t had “the talk” yet.

“[Mark] hasn’t asked him, so Derek is getting a little cocky,” BC Jean says with a laugh.

Hough, 31, likely won’t be the only DWTS pro at the nuptials, but the spotlight will definitely be on the bride.

“We’re going to make the wedding about the marriage,” says Ballas, 30. “I want this to be her day.”

Adds BC Jean, “I don’t want to be out-danced at my own wedding!”

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Ballas and BC Jean, 29, admit they still have lots of planning to do – they haven’t even set a date yet.

Right now they’re brainstorming ideas to make their wedding day perfect, including entertainment. After all, the couple are in a band called Alexander Jean themselves, so it has to be big. While they won’t be performing at their own reception, they’ve got a few big names they’d love to take to take the stage including Coldplay, John Mayer and Ed Sheeran.

Pitching the gig to their dream performers, BC Jean notes, “We’re going to have a pretty awesome bar, so if you’re interested ”

The couple should have no problems gathering some top-notch entertainment.

“I think we’re going to have a couple guest performers and some friends that I’m sure will want to perform,” Ballas says before BC Jean adds that they definitely want live music. However, Ballas would be down for a combination.

I love the idea of having a live Latin band and a DJ to play top-40 favorites,” Ballas shares.

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