"I felt it was essential that I throw myself back into work as a distraction," the Housewife writes in her final blog

Lisa Vanderpump is a restaurateur, designer, author, philanthropist and star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She’s competing on season 16 of Dancing with the Stars with new pro Gleb Savchenko – and blogging about it on PEOPLE.com

My journey on Dancing with the Stars has come to an end and this will be the last week that I blog for you. I am back to work now, and it has been difficult to readjust after six intense weeks of dancing.

I haven’t seen my partner Gleb Savchenko purposefully for several days, because I’m mourned the loss of the whole experience and I felt it was essential that I throw myself back into work as a distraction.

I have had contact with Wynonna, whom I adore, and I saw Jacoby Jones at my restaurant Sur this week. These are relationships that have been made for life. I will go back to support them all, just not this week. I will be out of town, which ultimately is a good thing.

Physically I am doing better and want to thank you all for your best wishes on Twitter. However, when I fell I damaged my rotator cuff, so unfortunately I am still not a hundred percent.

The training one has to embrace when you join this show is arduous and you cling to your partner as a lifeline, emotional connections are made between the dancers and the physical barriers are also broken down. You literally live in an embrace many hours of the day; it is a unique experience – that is for sure.

I wonder about the atmosphere now that three of us are gone. I question whether the dynamic between everybody will change at some point and will become more competitive … I hope not, because that was one of the most enjoyable aspects of this journey.

I thanked my cast members as I left, and I would really like to acknowledge them now: Derek Hough, in particular, was one of the kindest people I have had the pleasure of meeting; Jacoby was always so funny; Andy and I often clung to each other frantically questioning our sanity for enlisting ourselves in this demanding challenge; and Victor, who I know has a reputation of being a tough nut, is a lovable teddy bear of a man, I promise you. When I felt unwell that final day he sat on the floor of my trailer cheering me on.

So, I will hate to witness who is eliminated this week because I know it means so much to them all. But I will be here to commiserate with them and remember the good times that we shared.

Lisa may be off Dancing with the Stars but you can still see her at home as she shows PEOPLE around her gorgeous Beverly Hills home: