It was a week of unfortunate mishaps for Morris and Arnold
Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

It was a week of unfortunate mishaps for Boyz II Men singer Wanya Morris and his pro partner Lindsay Arnold.

In rehearsal footage, Arnold was shown getting hit in the mouth during a spin with Morris that went terribly wrong, causing her tooth to go through her lip. Arnold, who didn’t require stitches, told PEOPLE after the show: “I was good. Healed up pretty nice. I don’t think you can tell too bad. So yeah, we’re good.”

With their rehearsal snafu behind them, the partners were prepared to wow the judges with a Wild West-themed jive. Unfortunately, during the live performance, Morris slipped on Arnold’s handkerchief, causing him to get behind in the dance number.

Arnold, 22, immediately took the blame.

She later told PEOPLE with tears in her eyes: “I felt terrible. It was my bandana that messed him up.”

Even though the judges weren’t too harsh and awarded the pair 25 points out of 30, Arnold said, “It’s just hard because I saw him every single day working his butt off to make sure that this routine was fabulous. It still was. I mean, the fact that he was able to jump right back on the choreography makes me so proud, because that’s hard to do. It’s hard for professionals to do when a slip-up happens like that. I mean, it was a slip-up. It wasn’t a testament of how hard he’s working because he truly wants this so bad.”

The judges gave Morris, 42, props for his recovery with judge Len Goodman declaring he’d “come out guns blazing” despite the near fall.

After it was revealed that the pair was in jeopardy this week, Morris explained his thoughts: “You don’t want to go home. You want to ask yourself, what have you done and could you have done anything different to not be in that position? We didn’t come this far to lose. So all we can do is do exactly what we’ve been doing.”

Ultimately, Morris and Arnold were saved (Jodie Sweetin and partner Keo Motsepe went home). They have vowed to put the unlucky week behind them and look ahead to next week,

“It’s trio week, which is going to be intense and amazing,” said Arnold. “I think we’re doing the Charleston, so it should be fun.”

Morris added, “I want to fight as hard as I possibly can. I’m going to fight because the goal is to win.”

Said Arnold, “I just hope I can make that happen for him.”

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