Kym Johnson 'DWTS' Blog: I Made Joey Fatone Freak Out

The Dancing pro spread her elimination fears to her partner

Photo: Courtesy Mixology 101

Kym Johnson is a two-time Dancing with the Stars champion, taking the coveted mirror ball trophy in season 9 with Donny Osmond and in season 12 with Hines Ward. The Australia native will now be blogging for about competing with Joey Fatone in the all-star season.

Poor Joey.

He was so nervous about the elimination last week because I made him freak out. I felt bad about that. He just knew that I was nervous all day and he said, “Kym, I think we’ll be fine,” and I said, “Joey, we’re fourth from the bottom. We could be gone.”

And then he started believing it, too. So we were both freaking out. We were expecting the worst and then when we got saved early, that was a relief. I thought for sure we were going to be in the bottom two.

I think I was so nervous because it was the first elimination. No one wants to go first. I would have been really disappointed and felt like I’d let Joey down if we had been sent home. I really wanted to make it to do the quickstep. I love that dance.

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Empathy for Pam

I felt so bad for Pam [Anderson]. It was going to be hard for anyone who was going to leave that week, because you only had a minute to really impress and that isn’t a really long time. It’s horrible. I think if she had another week, maybe it would have been different. I know she was looking forward to her quickstep.

But despite the nerves of everyone after Monday night’s show, it was really nice that Joey and I got a chance to host an event at nearby Mixology 101 for the cast and friends. Dancing with the Stars is one big family, and we all got to let our hair down and mingle. They have a viewing there, so we got to watch the show.

It was especially fun at our event because we had Jef [Holm] and Arie [Luyendyk] from The Bachelorette come by. I actually don’t watch that show, but I’d met Arie the week before and he’d said he might be coming.

Originally I just thought he was a friend of Helio [Castroneves]’s because they’re both race car drivers, but turns out that he was a finalist on the show.

It was a surprise to see him and Jef together because they were both competing for Emily [Maynard]. But apparently they’re really good friends. I just thought there would be tension between them. It was so interesting to see them interact. Arie’s a cutie!

After everyone’s night out, it was back to business as usual. We next have our quickstep and Joey and I have decided to tell a story with our dance.

Joey is such a performer and we came up with this really cool idea to do a silent film type of thing. We’re having a lot of fun in rehearsals. We really want to do a good job. If you have one bad week this season, you could be gone. Every week counts.

It’s a really nice atmosphere here. It’s a really fun season. I think that’s why I want to do so well. I don’t want it to end. Joey and I are great friends and I love everyone here at the studio. It’s such a great energy, even in rehearsals.

Joey is buckling down. He’s putting a lot of effort into his footwork. He’s been focusing more. He still goes into other peoples’ rehearsal rooms, but I think that’s his tactic. He’ll go and distract them, so I don’t mind when he does that.

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