Instead, the former Dancing star tells PEOPLE she dances "almost every day"
Credit: Brian Doben

Two months after revealing her new, 100 lbs.-lighter figure, Kirstie Alley is looking svelte and fabulous as ever, despite the pitfalls that come after losing weight.

“Maintenance probably is the hardest part,” Alley, 60, told PEOPLE at last night’s Dancing with the Stars. Her solution? Dancing.

“I dance almost every day,” says Alley, adding that her own run on the show “gave me something that I can do every day that I actually love that doesn’t feel like a hardship or a grind. Come on, getting on a treadmill every day would make me slit my throat.”

And she’s got her former dancing partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy to thank for keeping her exercise tedium at bay.

“To warm up, I do the cha cha that Maks and I did,” she says, adding that her current dance teacher does ballroom fitness with her, which “kicks your ass, it’s crazy.”

To supplement her dancing, Alley uses a weight loss product called Rescue Me that she also promotes. Thanks to it, she says, “I probably have more energy than I’ve ever had in my life.”