"We're going to party tonight while everyone else has to worry about choreographing," he tells PEOPLE

By Dahvi Shira
May 15, 2013 02:30 PM
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Ingo Rademacher wasn’t wiping away any tears over his Dancing with the Stars semi-finals elimination on Tuesday night.

“I’m really happy that I don’t have to learn two or three of those dances [next week],” the actor told PEOPLE just after his dismissal, while attending the show’s 300th episode celebration at Boulevard 3 nightclub in Hollywood.

“I’m sore, I’m tired and this is it. We’re going to have a party tonight while everyone else has to worry about choreographing. I’m really going to party.”

Even though Rademacher, 42, and his partner, Kym Johnson, 36, were just one save away from making it to the finals, they had a hunch they weren’t going to walk away with a coveted mirror ball trophy this season.

“If we would have been a little bit closer to the other celebrities as far as performances went – if I had been a little bit stronger, a little bit fitter, a little bit younger – then we would have maybe been a little bit more disappointed about going home,” he said. “But because it wasn’t quite there, it was okay.”

Rademacher is confident knowing they went out in the best way possible.

“The last two weeks, we brought in the comedy aspect,” he said. “The jive and the Charleston were super fun, so we took it as far as we could take it and we’re super happy.”

But it wasn’t solely Rademacher’s recent lively dance numbers that stole the show.

“[Peanut] is a superstar,” Johnson gushed about her partner’s adorable little son, who even had a segment dedicated to him on an earlier episode. “He is such a superstar.”

Luckily, just like his dad, the energetic tot – who “dances all the time anyway” and “has some pretty cool moves,” – is also unfazed by Rademacher’s farewell from the show.

“He’s already got a mirror ball trophy because I had one on my birthday cake,” Rademacher said. “He doesn’t really understand that whole competition thing.”