"He seemed very much focused on winning," Dr. Rady Rahban tells PEOPLE of the injured Dancing finalist

By Dahvi Shira
May 21, 2013 06:15 PM
Courtesy Val Chmerkovskiy

Val Chmerkovskiy isn’t about to let 14 stitches get in the way of his quest to earn the coveted mirror ball trophy with partner, Zendaya, on Tuesday night’s Dancing with the Stars finale.

The ballroom pro, 27, took an accidental elbow jab to the eye during rehearsals with the Disney starlet just an hour before Monday’s show. Following their 65 out of 65-point night, a bandaged Chmerkovskiy was taken to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Rady Rahban, who sewed him up.

“He took it like a champ,” Rahban told PEOPLE on Tuesday. “He was actually pretty calm and handled it pretty well. When we numbed it up, it was pretty easy.”

While it may seem odd that the dancer went to a plastic surgeon for the procedure, Rahban says, “In most places in the country, an ER doctor would have put in the stitches. But if you have access to a plastic surgeon, they will be more inclined to be aesthetically sensitive.”

Luckily, the scarring “won’t be visible and it won’t be bad,” Rahban says. “It will be so minimal that no one will know over time.”

Chmerkovskiy – who needed deep sutures that will be in for about a week – went through a process that “typically takes about 45 minutes,” Rahban explains.

“It involves numbing up the area and washing it out. Aside from them looking good, you want them not to get infected. After the wounds are washed, some edges are jagged and irregular. It was like a punch, not a cut. The edges need to be cleaned up and trimmed and sharpened so that it’s clean and can heal really well.”

Continues the doctor, “Following that, it’s just putting all the layers together. It’s gone down into the muscle, so put some stitches into the muscle and some stitches into the skin and bring it back together.”

Moving forward, Chmerkovskiy has his (good) eye on the prize.

“He seemed very much focused on winning,” Rahban says. “He’s a tough guy. It may lead to not the most beautiful photos, but he’ll be able to do whatever he needs to do [for the show] perfectly fine. His eye will be a bit swollen today. The show must go on. Hopefully he’ll win and it will be worth it.”

Chmerkovskiy Instagrammed several photos of the bloody mishap, including one with the caption, “Well that’s gonna leave a mark … Our freestyle with @zendayamaree quickly went from ‘beauty and the beat’ to ‘beauty and the beast’ #effinupthemoneymaker.”

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