Despite a little discomfort, Andrews told PEOPLE she's excited because "it feels kind of like family and I'm back"
Credit: Matt Sayles/AP

Former contestant Erin Andrews is adjusting quickly to her new duties as Dancing with the Stars co-host.

Going off of a rave review from PEOPLE’s TV critic – who says the sports broadcaster is right at home on ABC’s hit competition show – Andrews, too, told PEOPLE, “It’s crazy because it feels kind of like family and I’m back, you know, to where I kind of grew up.”

But even so, Brooke Burke-Charvet’s replacement is still getting the hang of things.

“It’s all brand-new because I’m the one asking the questions and going over the judges critiquing them, so it’s like familiar and not familiar,” she said backstage Monday after the show wrapped up.

“I’m nervous even when I do sports,” she added. “When I get ready to do a football game, I’m quivering a little bit. My mouth got really dry, perspiration was a factor tonight I’ve just got to learn to put the old shoulders back because it’s a little different when you’re in a dress versus in a blazer on the field.”

A big perk of being back in the ballroom? Reconnecting with her former partner (and returning pro-dancer) Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

“I keep in contact with Maks,” Andrews said. “I’ve been in touch with him for the past four years since I’ve done the show. My mom and dad love him very much We’re very close. Maks is like part of our family, so it was great to see him.”