"I am really lucky with the partner I got for Switch-Up Week," Alek Skarlatos tells PEOPLE of Emma Slater

By Patrick Gomez
Updated October 13, 2015 09:10 AM

“I kind of knew it would be like that and now I want to watch it back,” dance pro Slater told PEOPLE after she and Skarlatos danced a passionate rumba on the ABC competition. “From the first day of rehearsal, we were really comfortable with each other. Some people just have that energy that you can have a laugh with straight away and just do normal stuff with.”

“I am really lucky with the partner I got for Switch-Up Week,” added Skarlatos, who helped stop a terrorist attack on a Paris-bound train in August. “I think it’s the most fun week I’ve had on the show yet.”

Even the fact that she broke his nose during rehearsal couldn’t deter the pair’s affection for each other.

“I really wanted to make my mark,” Slater joked.

The chemistry was so palpable between them that they agreed (on camera, so there’s proof) to go on a date together.

“It’s funny because now we’ve had more questions about the date than we’ve had actually between the two of us,” Slater said after talking to the press Monday.

But PEOPLE gave them time to discuss what their ideal date would be:

“I’ve got a truck and there are some mountains in Oregon,” said Skarlatos, who is an Oregonian. “So we can go up straight up into the mountains in the truck and look at the stars.”

Slater liked Skarlatos’ plan and had just one request for their first night out together: “greek food.”

Next week Skarlatos and Slater will return to working with their original partners – Lindsay Arnold and Hayes Grier, respectively – but hopefully their love story will continue to play out on Dancing with the Stars, Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.